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Hot rolled steels
A10 Steels for cold forming and deep drawing applications
A12 Steels for re-rolling
A14 Structural forming grades
A20 Amstrong® - High Strength Steels
A22 Amstrong® Ultra - Ultra High Strength Steels
A30 Structural steels
A34 Indaten® atmospheric corrosion resistant steels
A40 Steel coils for laser cutting applications
A42 Sheets for laser cutting - Amstrong® Laser
A50 Steels with a specific chemical composition
A52 High carbon and alloy steels
A54 Quenchable boron steels
A60 Steels for pipes
A62 Steels for pressure vessels and boilers
A64 Steels for gas containers
A80 Steels with Easyfilm® dry coating
A90 Floor plates
Cold rolled steels
B10 Steels for cold forming
B15 Blued steels
B20 HSLA-High Strength Low Alloy steels
B30 Structural steels
B34 Indaten® atmospheric corrosion resistant steels
B40 Cold rolled steels optimised for forming operations
B50 Steels with a specific chemical composition
B64 High strength steel for lightweight gas cylinders
Steels for enamelling
C10 Cold rolled steels for conventional enamelling
C20 Solfer®: decarburised cold rolled steel range for white and coloured enamelling processes
C30 HC300EK: structural cold rolled steel for enamelling with guaranteed minimum yield strength after enamel firing
C50 Hot rolled steels for one-side enamelling
Steels for electrical applications
D10 Varnish for non-oriented grades
D20 Fully processed standard grades
D22 Fully processed high permeability and high thermal conductivity grades
D24 Fully processed high frequency grade
D26 Fully processed high strength grades
D30 Semi-processed standard grades
D32 Semi-processed high permeability grades
D40 Easy Punch steels with guaranteed punchability
D50 Cold rolled pole sheet grades
D52 Hot rolled pole sheet grades
Metallic coated steels
E10 Electrogalvanised steels
E20 Hot dip galvanised steels
E30 Steels with galfan zinc-aluminium coating
E35 Steels with Magnelis® zinc-aluminium-magnesium coating
E50 Steels with Alusi® aluminium-silicon coating
E60 Steels with Alupur® aluminium coating
E70 Environmentally friendly temporary protection: E-Passivation®
E80 Steels with Easyfilm® thin organic coating
Organic coated steels
F10 Estetic® Casa organic coated steels for domestic appliances
F20 Estetic® organic coated steels for indoor building, general industry and electronic equipment
F30 Granite® organic coated steels for outdoor building - basic range
F40 Granite® organic coated steels for outdoor building - specialised range
F50 Solano® Nature organic coated steels for outdoor building
F70 Backing coats
Quarto plates
H20 High yield strength steels for cold forming - thermomechanical steels
H21 High yield strength steels for cold forming - normalised or normalised rolled steels
H30 Structural steels
H34 Indaten® 355H steels with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance
H40 Weldable fine grain structural steels - thermomechanical rolled steels
H41 Weldable fine grain structural steels - normalised or normalised rolled steels
H50 Weldable structural steels for fixed offshore structures
H60 Steels for pipes
H62 Steels for pressure vessels and boilers
H63 Steels for shipbuilding
H99 Dimension tables

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Below you can download other catalogue chapters which may contain very useful technical information for you:

Technical services
Health, Safety & the Environment
Deep drawing
Packaging of coils
Tolerance and conversion tables
General Conditions of Sale
Description of mechanical properties
Description of control tests related to organic coated steels
Abbreviations and symbols

For more information on the flat carbon products for Industry, please consult our product document centre.

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