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Sanitary supplier Bette makes first XCarb® green steel certificates purchase

For the transformation of the steel industry to succeed, through green steel certificates now and ultimately zero-emissions steel products, the products must be accepted by the end user", says Jochen Grünewald, Managing Director of ArcelorMittal Commercial DACH. From ArcelorMittal's point of view, the companies making steel products for end consumers play a central role. “In the case of ArcelorMittal’s XCarb® green steel certificates, our customers who purchase the certificates can pass the CO2 savings onto their end customer, in line with the Scope 3 accounting approach”.

The managing director of ArcelorMittal customer and sanitary supplier Bette, manufacturer of high-quality bathroom elements made of enamelled titanium alloy steel, agrees: “We have ordered the first significant tons of steel based on XCarb® green steel certificates for our products and see this as a contribution to support ArcelorMittal in the required transformation. In addition, steel produced with a lower carbon footprint fits very well into our own sustainability strategy“, says Bette Managing Director Thilo C. Pahl.

Shifting towards CO2-neutral products 

In consumer products, the shift towards CO2-neutral products has already begun.
This is proven by ArcelorMittal customer and sanitary supplier Bette. "We are currently noticing an increasing interest and demand for green products and our efforts and ambitions in the area of sustainable resource management”, says Bette Managing Director Thilo C. Pahl. “We are assuming that high-quality products made with an impressive design and made with steel covered by our XCarb® green steel certificates, such as bathtubs, shower trays and washbasins from Bette, will make the start and that other manufacturers will quickly follow the trendsetters," says Grünewald with certainty.



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