ArcelorMittal’s Granite® range comprises a series of organic coated products, covering all possible applications for the outdoor building market. The grades of the steel substrates available, combined with the properties of the Granite® coating, make these products attractive alternatives that meet all the requirements of the construction sector.


The Granite® range combines all the requirements of the building sector in terms of solutions, aesthetic quality and properties such as flexibility, surface hardness, coating adhesion, corrosion and UV resistance etc.


Various types of paints, in a wide range of colours and surface finishes, can be used to coat the substrate.

ArcelorMittal offers these products in a wide range of standard colours.


The pre-painting process is environmentally friendly, economical and guarantees consistent product quality.


The Granite® range is recommended for outdoor building applications such as cladding, roofing, architectural buildings, accessories, sandwich panels etc. The surface of these coatings can be smooth or grained.


Automatic guarantees are granted for Granite® range products used for exterior cladding and roofing of buildings located in Europe.

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NameMain propertiesSurface appearanceExamples of applications
Granite® StandardAverage UV and corrosion resistanceSmoothRoofing, cladding, accessories
Granite® HDGood UV resistance, average corrosion resistance, Polyester high durabilitySmooth, grainedRoofing, cladding, accessories, sandwich panels etc
Granite® HDSVery good UV resistance, good corrosion resistance, Polyester very high durability
Granite® HDXVery good UV and corrosion resistance, very good colour stability, strong coating, suitable for buildings exposed to harsh climatic or environmental conditionsGrainedRoofing, cladding, architectural buildings, air conditioning units etc


Granite® products are in compliance with standard EN 10169.

Technical properties

The substrates used for these applications are galvanised steel or galfan. Substrates with Zn-Al-Mg metallic coatings are also available for Granite® Standard and Granite® HD. The choice of the paint system depends on the end use and the environment. Several products are suitable for highly aggressive environments, such as urban and coastal environments, hot and humid overseas climates, sand storms etc.


The technical properties are summarised in the table below. Please contact us for advice on the choice of the most suitable grade.


A temporary removable protective film can be applied on the top side, depending on the type of coating. Please contact us for further information.

Mechanical properties

Granite® products are available with a wide range of mechanical properties, depending on the substrate used and the intended application. See properties of the different substrates.

Fire resistance

A1 in accordance with standard EN 13501-1.

Recommendations for use

Granite® products can be processed by cold forming and deep drawing without damaging the top surface. They can be joined using techniques such as clinching, riveting and adhesive bonding.

Brand correspondence

Granite® Standard
Granite® HD
Granite® HDS
Granite® HDX


Thickness (mm)Min widthGranite® Standard, Granite® HD, Granite® HDS, Granite® HDX
Max width
0.20 ≤ th < 3.007001850

Coating properties

The following table lists the guaranteed properties of the coating applied to a galvanised steel substrate with a zinc coating of minimum 225 g/m˛ (or an equivalent weight of galfan).

  Granite® Standard Granite® HD Granite® HDS Granite® HDX
25 µm25 µm35 µm55 µm
Gloss (Gardner 60°)
30 GU30 GU30 GU30 GU
Surface appearance
SmoothSmooth or grainedSmooth or grainedGrained
Adhesion of the coating (T-bend)
≤ 2 T≤ 1 T≤ 1 T≤ 1 T
Resistance to cracking on bending (T-bend)
≤ 3 T≤ 2 T≤ 2 T≤ 1.5 T
Scratch resistance (Clemen)
≥ 2 kg≥ 2 kg≥ 2.2 kg≥ 3 kg
Condensation resistance (QCT)
1000 hours1000 hours1500 hours1500 hours
UV resistance (QUV (UVA + H2O) test (2000 hours))
Gloss retention ≥ 30%; ∆ E ≤ 5Gloss retention ≥ 60%; ∆ E ≤ 3Gloss retention ≥ 80%; ∆ E ≤ 2Gloss retention ≥ 80%; ∆ E ≤ 2
UV resistance category
Corrosion resistance (salt spray test)
360 hours360 hours500 hours700 hours
Corrosion resistance category
Resistance to acids and bases
GoodGood to very goodGood to very goodGood to very good
Resistance to aliphatic and alcoholic solvents
Very goodVery goodVery goodVery good
Resistance to ketone solvents
Resistance to aromatic solvents
Good to very goodGood to very goodGood to very goodGood to very good
Resistance to mineral oils
Very goodVery goodVery goodVery good

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