ArcelorMittal backing coats offer a full range of specific properties: foam adherence, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.


Backing coats may be applied in one or two layers, with a total thickness between 5 and 12 Ám.


Backing coats protect the back of organic coated sheet steel. They are compulsory and prevent any friction between windings. Several levels of corrosion resistance and mechanical strength are available. The backing coats are designed to ensure good foam adherence, but users are advised to check this property with their own specific foam products.


Below is a description of the backing coat range, together with a few examples of possible applications.

Coating typeThicknessMain propertiesExamples of applications
Backing coat5 ÁmCompatible with foamsSandwich panels
7 ÁmCompatible with foams and homogeneous surface appearance (no colour guarantee)Recommended for indoor applications
10 ÁmCompatible with foams and colour homogeneityRecommended for outdoor applications
12 Ám monolayerCompatible with foams, robust backing coatCompulsory with Solano® Nature NX
12 Ám bi-layerRecommended with Granite® HDX and compulsory with Granite® HDX on Z275, except for sandwich panels


These products are in compliance with standard EN 10169.

Brand correspondence

BF 5
BF 7
BF 10
BF 12

Coating properties

The following table lists the guaranteed properties of the coating applied to a galvanised steel substrate with a zinc coating of minimum 225 g/m2. Please contact us for advice on the choice of the most suitable backing coat.

  BF 5 BF 7 BF 10 BF 12
5 Ám7 Ám10 Ám12 Ám
Gloss (Gardner 60░)
  30 GU30 GU
Adhesion of the coating (T-bend)
≤ 3 T≤ 3 T≤ 3 T≤ 2 T
Resistance to cracking on bending (T-bend)
   ≤ 3 T
Scratch resistance (Clemen)
 1 kg1.5 kg1.5 kg
Condensation resistance (QCT)
  500 hours1000 hours
Corrosion resistance (salt spray test)
 100 hours150 hours240 hours
Corrosion resistance category

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