Non-oriented fully processed high strength grades have not only guaranteed magnetic properties but also guaranteed mechanical properties. Typical for these grades are higher strength values compared with the standard grades, both at room temperature and at higher temperature operating conditions. Full magnetic characterisation curves at different frequencies are available on request.


These high strength grades withstand stronger mechanical forces than the standard grades. They are therefore an excellent compromise when a combination of high mechanical strength and low magnetic losses is required.


High strength values, combined with low losses and good permeability, make these grades particularly suitable for high-speed rotating machines.

Recommendations for use

The above properties are obtained without heat treatment after stamping. The material as supplied possesses all the required magnetic properties.

Brand correspondence

 Old brand names
M 470YS-50 A AM FCE HLE50
M 530YS-65 A AM FCE HLE65


 Before side trimmingSide trimmedSlit coilsSheet length 400 to 2500 mm
Min widthMax widthMin widthMax widthMin widthMax widthMin widthMax width
M 470YS-50 A AM FCE1030123060012002506004001100
M 530YS-65 A AM FCE


Magnetic properties

Conventional density (kg/dm≥)
Max loss (W/kg) at 50 Hz at 1.5 T
Min polarisation (T) at 5000 A/m
M 470YS-50 A AM FCE 7.60 4.7 1.60
M 530YS-65 A AM FCE 5.3 1.62
Multiply the values in W/kg by 0.4536 to obtain the values in W/lb.

Mechanical properties

Guaranteed mechanical properties:

 DirectionRe (MPa)Rm (MPa)A80 (%)
M 470YS-50 A AM FCET> 470> 580> 15
M 530YS-65 A AM FCE> 480> 590

The following table specifies the typical mechanical properties:

Re (MPa)
Rm (MPa)
A80 (%)
M 470YS-50 A AM FCET485 - 525605 - 645205 - 2350.78 - 0.8320 - 30
M 530YS-65 A AM FCET495 - 545610 - 660205 - 2350.80 - 0.8520 - 30

Coating properties

These standard grades are available non-insulated or varnished with any of the coating types described in data sheet D10.


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