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ArcelorMittal's Electrical steels - Inventing smarter steels for a better world


ArcelorMittal’s non-oriented electrical steel (NOES) products are recognised by our customers for their quality and sustainability, namely in the sector of power generation. NOES will be even more at the forefront of the “Green Deal” changes such as the automotive electrification transition for which ArcelorMittal is demonstrating the value creation of its smart solutions thanks to its specific iCARe® e-steels offer.

ArcelorMittal’s NOES respond more to the most advanced requirements needed by our customers, with grades going beyond the requisites of Euronorm, such as:

  • M230-50A grade for hydro generators
  • M320P-50A grade for the new industrial motors IE4
  • NO20 grade with a thickness down to 0,20mm for medical and aeronautics applications
  • iCARe® automotive electrical steels offer that is also suitable for a number of eMobility applications

On top of its product offer, ArcelorMittal offers a wide range of services, from technical support and co-engineering, to logistics and supply chain solutions.

ArcelorMittal's product range contains a very broad spectrum of steel grades with specific magnetic properties, including:

  • Fully processed and semi-processed non-oriented (NO) electrical steels 
  • Pole sheet electrical steels 
  • For the automotive traction applications you can visit our dedicated iCARe® pages. 


Non-oriented fully processed electrical steels

  • Guaranteed magnetic properties, in accordance with (or exceeding the standard requirements of) EN 10106:2015
  • Minimization of losses and Maximization of polarisation levels
  • Full magnetic characterisation curves regarding losses, polarisation, permeability
  • Apparent power at different frequencies are available on request



  • Excellent magnetic permeability
  • Thermal conductivity and punchability
  • Very low losses, even at higher frequencies
  • Wide range of coatings is available



  • Power Generation: hydro, wind and turbo generators
  • Traction motors for automotive electrified powertrains (see Global Auto website)
  • Traction or propulsion motors for other electrified transports: rail, e-bus, truck and ship
  • Electrical equipments (switch gear, …)
  • Industry high power motors and generators
  • Small to medium power motors for general purposes
  • Appliances high-end applications (high speed vacuum cleaner, …)
  • Hermetic motors for refrigerators and freezers

 semi-processed electrical steels

The semi-processed grades still need an additional annealing treatment step after the client’s punching process. ArcelorMittal offers semi-processed standard grades and semi-processed high permeability grades. The overall average of polarisation in all directions of the high permeability steel sheet plane is therefore much higher than for the standard products.


  • Optimised punchability
  • Controlled surface roughness
  • Good material behaviour
  • Reduction of losses and increased permeability of the steel.


The semi-processed high permeability grades allow core weight reduction and increased efficiency of motors and transformers. The improved efficiency achieved reduces machine operating costs and at the same time makes them more environmentally friendly.


  • Non-alloyed semi-processed electrical steels are designed for small industrial motors, fans and domestic appliances such as washing machine motors, microwave oven transformers and refrigerator compressors
  • Alloyed semi-processed electrical steels are designed for similar higher efficiency versions of these applications, as they have lower losses whilst the permeability remains at a good level
  • Semi-processed high permeability grades are designed for motors, generators, transformers, converters and ballasts where higher efficiency is required


Pole sheet electrical steels

Hot and cold rolled pole sheet grades are classified according to their yield strength (EN 10265:1995). As well as guaranteed mechanical properties, they have guaranteed magnetic properties, but unlike other electrical steel grades, their magnetic characterisation is determined under direct current (DC) conditions.


  • Allow cold rolled grades to withstand strong electromechanical forces
  • Allow hot rolled grades to withstand strong centrifugal and electromechanical forces, both in static and dynamic conditions
  • Excellent DC magnetic properties of both grades 



  • Large high-speed machines


A world of varnishes for your applications


All our varnishes are environmentally friendly, hydrosoluble and chromium-free.


Each varnish for non-oriented grades (C3, C5, C6) has its own specific properties, such as insulation level, punchability effect, corrosion protection, temperature resistance and weldability.


Podcast - Shaping the future in an electrified world

Listen and discover how your business can benefit from ArcelorMittal’s extensive electrical steels offer and expertise.

Technical support and engineering

For manufacturers and automakers who wish to exploit the full potential of ArcelorMittal’s electrical steels, we can offer advanced technical support in many areas including modelling, prototyping and material handling.

  • ArcelorMittal’s machine modelling services
    ArcelorMittal offers the customers all the help they need to choose the most suitable steels. We can also help to design the electrical machine. This level of assistance is possible thanks to our advanced R&D know-how and the high-tech equipment available in our research centres.
  • Prototyping services
    Our modelling services enable design engineers to make precise machine calculations. This allows them to reduce the number of prototypes needed before pre-series begin. A minimal amount of prototyping is still needed to prove the machine’s performance. ArcelorMittal can offer small quantities of sheets for first stage Epstein and tensile testing, and for the next stage of laser cutting. In the industrial validation phase, ArcelorMittal can provide small slit coils for punching and machine assembly development.
  • Material handling
    The production of prototype or series machines can involve production processes that have the potential to degrade the properties of the fully processed steels we have supplied.
    Advanced R&D support is available to help customers quantify the impact of material handling processes on the magnetic performance of the machine’s lamination stack. 

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