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Magnelis® is an exceptional metallic coating which provides a breakthrough in corrosion protection and is the best choice for a wide variety of applications.

Thanks to its unique composition, Magnelis® provides an unprecedented level of surface and cut-edge protection, even in the most hostile environments. 

It is produced on a classic hot dip galvanising line which molten bath has a unique chemical composition including zinc, 3.5% aluminium, and 3% magnesium.


  • Outstanding corrosion resistance: three times better than galvanized steel (based on outdoor tests)
  • Self-healing effect which ensures excellent edge protection
  • Best and most cost-effective alternative to post-galvanised steels
  • Wide feasibility range
  • Excellent processing properties
  • Up to 25 years guarantees with Magnelis® ZM310 on different applications. Contact us for more information.
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Solar plants: upper structures, poles in soil, floating structures, cable trays
  • Building and construction: purlins, structures, air duct and duct components, ceiling and façades understructures, swimming pool structures, composite floors, perforated façades, roof equipment, cable trays, racking and shelving
  • Agricultural and livestock: silos, water tanks, equipments, tubes and structures, gutters, poles
  • Infrastructure: safety rails and sound barriers, poles and masts, culverts, cable trays and electrical equipment casings
  • HVAC and electrical equipment: casings, ducts, air exchangers, grilles, towers, shutters, frames and brackets, spacers, cable trays, switches
  • Transportation equipment: brakes, wiper and window arms and boxes, acuators, klaxon
  • Appliances: hinges and tanks


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