This non-oriented fully processed high frequency grade has guaranteed magnetic properties in accordance with EN 10303:2015, which specifically concerns thin electrical steels for use at frequencies above 100 Hz. Full magnetic characterisation curves at various frequencies are available on request.


High frequency electrical steels have very low loss levels, especially at high frequencies. These properties are a result of the thin gauge of this material (0.20 mm), its particular chemical composition and specific thermomechanical processing.


This grade is designed for high speed rotating machines (100 to 5000 Hz). It allows minimisation of losses due to higher harmonics and clearly increases machine efficiency in the case of non-sinusoidal power supply. This thin, fully processed grade is also used when weight and volume reduction are of major importance, such as in medical or aviation applications.

Recommendations for use

The above properties are obtained without heat treatment after stamping. The material as supplied possesses all the required magnetic properties.

Brand correspondence

 EN 10303:2015ASTM A1086:2013IEC/CEI 60404-8-8:1991
NO 20 NO 20-1520T680 [15,0]NO 20 [15,0]


 NotesBefore side trimmingSide trimmedSlit coils
Min widthMax widthMin widthMax widthMin widthMax width
NO 20310301030600100020600


3. Slit coils: after prior agreement regarding widths between 20 and 44 mm


Magnetic properties

Conventional density (kg/dm≥)
Max loss (W/kg) at 400 Hz at 1 T
Max loss (W/kg) at 400 Hz at 1.5 T
Max loss (W/kg) at 700 Hz at 1 T
Min polarisation (T) at 2500 A/m
Min polarisation (T) at 5000 A/m
Min polarisation (T) at 10,000 A/m
Min number of bends
Min stacking factor (mm)
NO 20 7.60 15.00 38.00 32.00 1.48 1.59 1.69 2 0.93
Multiply the values in W/kg by 0.4536 to obtain the values in W/lb.

Mechanical properties

The mechanical properties are for information purposes only.

Re (MPa)
Rm (MPa)
A80 (%)
NO 20L395 - 435505 - 545205 - 2350.78 - 0.8312 - 22

Coating properties

This high frequency grade is available non-insulated or varnished with a C5-type coating.



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