The Estetic® Casa range of organic coated steels for domestic appliances meets the specific requirements of manufacturers in terms of colour, gloss and surface appearance. The range is divided into three categories:



Compared with products obtained by means of post-painting (where the paint layer is applied by a wet or dry process after forming), ArcelorMittal’s Estetic® Casa range of organic coated steels is the best choice for combining technical and economic advantages with respect for the environment. A wide variety of surface appearances, textures, colours and gloss levels is available. These organic coated steels are also characterised by a level of performance designed to meet the technical requirements expected during the manufacturing process and to preserve product quality during the lifetime of the appliance.
The whole Estetic® Casa range of products has been developed in compliance with European environmental standards and regulations. The composition of all organic paint layers meets the requirements of the W.E.E.E. and R.o.H.S. European directives.


Estetic® Casa products are ideal for applications such as front and side panels, doors, lids, covers and control panels of domestic appliances, e.g. refrigerators, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and cookers. Each product in the range has its own specific field of application to ensure optimum technical performance. For example:


Recommendations for use

Estetic® Casa products can be processed by cold forming and deep drawing without damaging the top surface. Product formability is determined by the mechanical properties of the steel substrate. Gloss and surface appearance of the coating remain intact during the forming process. Estetic® Casa products are suitable for bending and deep drawing on automatic production lines. A temporary removable protective film can be applied on the top side. Estetic® Casa products can be joined using techniques such as clinching, riveting and adhesive bonding.

Technical properties

Estetic® Casa coil coated steel products offer several advantages:



Estetic® Casa products are designed to meet technical requirements during implementation and end use in terms of flexibility, stain and corrosion resistance, surface hardness, resistance to detergents, solvents, heat, scratches etc.
The backing coat of the Estetic® Casa range can be formulated to meet specific requirements, such as good foam adherence for applications requiring good thermal insulation, high gloss or chemical resistance.


Estetic® products are in compliance with standard EN 10169.

Brand correspondence

Estetic® Casa Access
Estetic® Casa Classic
Estetic® Casa Classic Flex
Estetic® Casa Protect


Thickness (mm)Min widthEstetic® Casa Access, Estetic® Casa Classic, Estetic® Casa Classic Flex, Estetic® Casa Protect
Max width
0.20 ≤ th < 1.507001530

Mechanical properties

Estetic® Casa products are available with a wide range of mechanical properties. They can be applied to cold rolled steel and to electrogalvanised and hot dip galvanised steel substrates.

Coating properties

The following table lists the guaranteed properties of the coating applied to a galvanised steel substrate with a coating of minimum 100 g/m2. Tests are in compliance with standard EN 13523.

  Estetic® Casa Access Estetic® Casa Classic Estetic® Casa Classic Flex Estetic® Casa Protect
17 Ám25 Ám25 Ám25 Ám
Gloss (Gardner 60░)
40 - 80 GU30 - 90 GU30 - 90 GU30 - 90 GU
Surface appearance
SmoothSmooth, orange peel effectSmooth, grained, orange peel effectSmooth, orange peel effect
Adhesion of the coating (T-bend)
≤ 2 T≤ 1 T≤ 0.5 T≤ 0.5 T
Resistance to cracking on bending (T-bend)
≤ 2 T≤ 2 T≤ 1 T≤ 1 T
Surface "pencil" hardness
HB - HHB - HF - HHB - H
Adherence (Erichsen test)
6 mm (with no cracks)6 mm (with no cracks)6 mm (with no cracks)6 mm (with no cracks)
Adhesion on cross-cut
Impact resistance
18 J18 J18 J18 J
Stain resistance
Condensation resistance (QCT)
500 hours1000 hours1000 hours1500 hours
Corrosion resistance (salt spray test)
192 hours240 hours240 hours360 hours
Corrosion resistance category
Resistance to acids and bases
 GoodGood to very goodGood to very good
Resistance to aliphatic and alcoholic solvents
 GoodGood to very goodGood to very good
Resistance to aromatic solvents
 GoodGood to very goodGood to very good
Resistance to mineral oils
 Very goodVery goodVery good
UV resistance
 120 hours120 hours500 hours

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