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Coatings and enamelling solutions

ArcelorMittal produces a number of coatings and enamelling solutions for steels used in large and small domestic appliances.

Estetic® for electronics

Our Estetic® High Tech and Estetic® Conductive paints are particularly suited for electronic appliances. The Estetic® range of organic coatings are also environmentally friendly and can be applied to cold rolled steel, electro-galvanised and hot dip galvanised steel substrates Estetic® High Tech is typically used on the exterior of appliances, while the clear Estetic® Conductive coating is applied on the interior.

No-treatment painting

ArcelorMittal’s Ready-to-Paint coating allows direct painting on cold rolled steel without any surface treatment. It offers excellent paint adherence and corrosion resistance, resulting in significant savings.

Ready-to-Enamel simplifies enamelling

For appliances where an enamelled coating is required, ArcelorMittal has developed a new range of cold rolled steels called Ready-to-Enamel. Ready-to-Enamel offers much better formability than other enamelling steels and does not require re-oiling.

The steel is specifically designed to accelerate the bonding reaction between the enamel and the steel, enabling a 20 to 30°C drop in firing temperature and reducing firing time by between 15 and 25%. Productivity is increased while less energy is consumed. Lower temperatures also mean less deformation of the enamelled parts during firing, improving yield.

Ready-to-Enamel can be used with both the Ground and two-coat, one-firing (2C/1F) enamelling processes. ArcelorMittal is also working with enamel suppliers to optimise their formulas. While tests have shown that existing coatings work with Ready-to-Enamel, development of new enamels should lead to reductions in the cost of ground enamels.