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  • Helping shipyards stay competitive

New shipbuilding steels for new challenges

ArcelorMittal is developing new steels and services to help shipbuilders stay competitive.

With regard to steels, the market is demanding thinner steels and ArcelorMittal is keeping pace. Many of our steel plates now can be delivered in thicknesses between 5 and 8 mm. Our shipbuilding steel plates are also stronger. For example, the strength of grades EH-36 and EH-40 (introduced in 2011) is above 350 Megapascals (MPa), even at low temperatures. This makes them suitable for many arctic and deep-sea vessels.

Our plates are now also available in larger sizes, reducing the time and cost of welding plates together. Widths of up to four metres and lengths of up to 15 metres are possible. Plates can be delivered in a range of finishes including as rolled, shot-blasted, or shot-blasted and painted.

Tailored service

ArcelorMittal has also adapted its level of service. For example, financing the building of a ship is an issue for many shipyards.

In close cooperation with each shipyard, ArcelorMittal’s customer service representatives can identify solutions which reduce the amount of working capital required. Examples of the actions we can take include reducing minimum order quantities for each line item, or delivering according to the customers’ priorities. Our intention is to provide a tailor-made offer for shipbuilders.

ArcelorMittal has also reduced its lead times in an effort to increase the competitiveness of our customers. As steel is now traded as a global commodity, price changes cannot be negated entirely. However, ArcelorMittal’s efforts aim to diminish the negative impact of these variations on the shipbuilder’s overall business.