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Kingspan uses Magnelis® to create corrosion-resistant decks for multi-storey parking structures

Demand for convenient car parking is rising dramatically. However, the land available for parking is severely limited in many locations. That’s making multi-storey car parks a very attractive option in city centres, near transport hubs, and at public buildings such as hospitals. To meet this demand in a cost-effective way, Kingspan, a leading building materials company, has developed a complete portfolio of solutions for car park builders. A key element is Magnelis® from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products which Kingspan uses to form the deck of each level in the car park. As well as cost-effective forming and quick assembly, Magnelis® offers long-term protection against corrosion to ensure the safety and viability of parking structures.

Multi-storey car parks offer unique challenges for their owners. As well as providing safe and welcoming spaces for potential customers, they must withstand weathering from the elements – and the effect of de-icing salts and other chemicals which are tracked into the structure. Floors are particularly vulnerable due to the high level of moisture which enters the structure through its open sides, or via rain and snow on vehicles. Moisture in the atmosphere typically condenses on the underside of the floor, making this part of the structure particularly susceptible to corrosion.

Kingspan partnered with MetparkUK Ltd to install the Magnelis® decks in multi-storey car parks

A complex product requires Magnelis®

To address these concerns, Kingspan has developed a multideck floor system based on Magnelis®. The system is quick to produce, lighter than alternative solutions, and simple to assemble on-site. “We create the deck panels by roll-forming the steel in our factory,” explains Phil Smith, Kingspan’s Managing Director for the UK and Ireland. “It is a complex product – the deck panels need to include cut-outs to ensure the concrete adheres to the steel. But Magnelis® is easy to form.”

In the final step, the ends of the Magnelis® deck panels are engineered to ensure that the concrete does not slip off as Phil Smith says: “The process involves crushing the ends of the panels slightly so that the concrete has a rough surface to adhere to. This is done about two to three weeks before the panels are installed.”

Once the steel decking panels are manufactured, they are transported to site and lifted into place. Concrete is then poured over the steel to form the deck. “In the past we have used pre-cast concrete slabs to form the deck, but this is costly,” notes Phil Smith. “Another option is to use pre-coated or galvanised steel, but the coatings on these materials are often damaged in handling, transport, and on-site. Magnelis® is the best and most cost-effective option as it does not damage easily during transport or handling on-site. And if it is damaged, the self-healing property of Magnelis® repairs any cuts or scratches that do occur.

Kingspan engineers the ends of each Magnelis® panel to ensure maximum adhesion of the concrete layer

Multi-storey car parks can accommodate a large number of vehicles in a relatively small space

Magnelis® can resist the corrosive effect of moisture which accumulates underneath each deck

A multi-storey car park under construction in Manchester (UK)

10-year guarantee a major advantage

Sustainability at every step

Kingspan offers a complete range of solutions for multi-storey car parks including the Magnelis® composite decks explains Phil Smith: “We also have barrier protection systems, perforated facades, and solar panels for the top floor so the car park can generate energy for lighting, ventilation, and electric vehicle charging points. Our goal is to create sustainable solutions at every stage. And steel is our material of choice to reach this goal.” 

That commitment to sustainability has seen Kingspan switch both of its production centres in the UK to 100 percent renewable energy. Kingspan is also one of only 130 companies to make the CDP A-list (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), a position the company has held since 2016.

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