Within our range of metallic coated products, Easyfilm® is an environmentally friendly, chromate-free thin organic coating (TOC) continuously applied double-sided on the whole range of electrogalvanised steel, hot dip galvanised steel, galfan, Alusi® and Alupur®. Easyfilm® complies with current European legislation banning the use of hazardous substances such as hexavalent chromium, specifically the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment and the End-of-Life Vehicles directives. 


Easyfilm® has a dry appearance. Its essential role is to:


The applications of Easyfilm® are extremely varied, due to the range of properties and advantages available. They include:

Brand correspondence

Easyfilm® E


These thin organic coatings can be applied to the following range of ArcelorMittal metallic coated steels:


Easyfilm® on electrogalvanised steel

Thickness (mm)Min widthEasyfilm® E
Max width
0.40 ≤ th < 1.606001830

Easyfilm® on hot dip galvanised steel

Thickness (mm)Min widthEasyfilm® E
Max width
0.30 ≤ th < 3.008001650

Easyfilm® on galfan

Thickness (mm)Min widthEasyfilm® E
Max width
0.25 ≤ th < 2.958001643

Easyfilm® on Alusi®

Thickness (mm)Min widthEasyfilm® E
Max width
0.30 ≤ th < 2.958001500

Easyfilm® on Alupur®

Thickness (mm)Min widthEasyfilm® E
Max width
0.55 ≤ th < 2.006501130

Coating properties


 Easyfilm® E
Surface protectionSalt spray test corrosion resistance (1)Electrogalvanised steel> 50 hours
Hot dip galvanised steel> 100 hours
Galfan> 150 hours
Alusi®> 500 hours
Humidity cabinet corrosion resistance (2)> 500 hours (21 cycles)
FormabilityFriction coefficientd < 0.15
WeldabilityWeldability range∆ l > 1 kA
AspectAnti-fingerprint performance∆ E < 2
Electrical conductivityR < 50 Ω.cm (for EZ 25/25)
Recommended maximum peak temperature200C
Resistance to degreasingThin organic coating weight loss (pH 10, 60C, 120 s)< 10%
Paintability (3)Dry paint adhesion0 (4)
Wet paint adhesion (500 hours humidity cabinet)0-2 (4)
Delamination on scratching (120 hours salt spray test)< 3 mm
Impact test0 paint adhesion loss up to 10 J

(1) Resistance to salt spray test according to ISO 7253/DIN 50021 (evaluation: number of hours before maximum 5% white or black rust appears on the metallic coating)

(2) Resistance to humidity cabinet test according to DIN 50017 (evaluation: number of hours before maximum 1% white or black rust appears on the metallic coating)

(3) Indicative results (tested with two reference paints)

(4) Paint adhesion on a grid; maximum permissible rating is 2 (0 = good adhesion, 5 = poor adhesion) (rating according to ISO 2409)


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