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Line pipes

ArcelorMittal products for Oil & Gas pipelines are used to transport crude oil, petrochemical products, water and gases – including natural gas, CO2 and hydrogen. The characteristics of the steel required depend on the final application and can include high tensile strength, resilience at low temperatures or hydrogen crack resistance. Good weldability, good formability and consistent properties are also required to make line pipes that consistently meet performance requirements.

Our range of steel grades from X42 to X80 meet the API 5L specification across a large dimensional range up to 28mm thickness and 2150mm width.  

For more severe applications we have developed a range of specific products:

  • Reeling: reeled pipelines are formed by welding individual pipes together onshore and then spooling them onto the reel of a vessel which lays the pipeline on the seabed. Tight control of the chemistry, the mechanical properties and the dimensions of the coils are needed to succeed in this application. 
  • Hydrogen transport: transporting pure or partial H2 at low pressure and low temperature requires good quality steel with low residual levels of Sulphur and Phosphorus. In addition, our specific continuous casting technology produces high quality slabs with minimised centreline segregation.
  • Sour service: for more severe applications HIC tests are needed. To succeed in these tests, our grades are produced with low residual elements, strict segregation control and specific Ca-Si treatment to control the shape of the inclusions.
  • Coil tubing: these high strength steel tubes are used in oil-well and gas-well interventions and in shale hydrocarbon extraction. Up to 10km of coil tubing can be spooled onto each reel. Taylor made steel solutions have been developed to meet the most severe customer specifications.

All API grades can be delivered with XCarb® green steel certificates, made possible by the ongoing efforts of ArcelorMittal in reducing its CO2 footprint. XCarb® green steel certificates allow our customers to report a corresponding reduction in their scope 3 CO2 emissions.
Five ArcelorMittal plants around the world currently produce API grades, and others can be qualified in a short period of time. This offers the flexibility and capacity to deliver high quantities for large and demanding projects.

Our Global R&D teams are developing innovative solutions for the future:

  • Enhanced grades for better resistance under pressure,
  • New grades for hydrogen or C02 transportation,
  • Reeling optimisation.

They also provide technical support and assistance to our customers, including on welding and forming.
Our sales development team for Energy Pipes can assess your new projects and advise on feasibility and price. Do not hesitate to contact us.