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Refrigeration appliances

ArcelorMittal provides a number of steel solutions for refrigerator doors and panels. We also offer steels which are suitable for compressor applications such as motors, casings and supports.

Recommended products include:

Steels for compressor and fan applications

For compressor casings, ArcelorMittal recommends grades such as S200 AM FCE. This structural forming grade is suited to applications requiring high reproducibility of processing performance (especially control of springback).

ArcelorMittal offers a range of semi-processed standard grades for use in refrigerator motors and fans. The magnetic properties are developed during the final annealing cycle (performed by the client after punching). This treatment reduces losses and improves permeability and polarisation.

The punchability of the semi-processed grades is optimised by the application of a final skin-pass reduction, after the cold rolling and annealing process. Skin-passing produces a controlled surface roughness, ensuring good material behaviour in the punching presses. This roughness also prevents the strips from sticking during the client’s final annealing treatment. Skin-passing also plays an important role by stimulating grain growth during the annealing cycle, which results in further reduction of losses and increased permeability of the steel.