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The Royal Dutch Mint building in Houten (the Netherlands), better known as the Dutch Vault, has won the People's Choice Award in the Infosteel Steel Construction Competition.

ArcelorMittal and DACHPOLL strengthen cooperation

In association with Steligence®, ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products organised a webinar on Magnelis®, our highly protective metallic coating for steel. Magnelis® mixes zinc, aluminium, and magnesium to provide long-term protection against corrosion, even on cut edges. Today Magnelis® is the best-in-class corrosion protection solution for solar mounting structures, buildings, and infrastructure. Applications already include flooring, roofs and facades, framing and support structures, ceilings, profiled members, and sheeting… And the list is expanding rapidly. In this webinar, we provided details of the features and performance of Magnelis®. We also presented facts and figures, including field test results from various outdoor locations around the globe. The presentation showed many of the applications that have been achieved with this highly advanced coating, and the value this product can bring to your building projects.

In association with Steligence®, ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat products organises two webinars on our latest innovations in pre-painted steels to meet the new requirements. Discover them! #steel #ArcelorMittal #construction #architecture #construction #prepaintedsteel #facade #roofing

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Magnelis® helps Meko Metal to create durable profiles for a wide range of industries

ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products has released Granite® HDXtreme, the latest pre-painted steel in our organic coated Granite® range. Granite® HDXtreme is uniquely beautiful, resilient against corrosion, sustainable, and can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. The three-layer coating system is made of polyurethane and includes a primer, basecoat, and varnish. Together they enable ArcelorMittal to guarantee the steel’s performance, even on facades and roofs which are close to the sea. Granite® HDXtreme comes in a huge palette of colours and three different finishes to make any project unique.