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Corinth Pipeworks (CPW) has delivered the first pipes for a 440 kilometre, high-pressure pipeline network across Italy. The pipeline has been designed to transport hydrogen at concentrations up to 100 percent.

Cold-formed steel profiles are important components of building structures. They distribute the various loads from the building envelope to the main frame and the foundations. During this webinar, we will present the range of metallic coated high strength steels for these applications, available in two standard families: construction grades and high strength low alloy (HSLA) grades. We will explain their specific properties. We will emphasize how the range of HyPer® steel grades for construction is fulfilling the material requirements of the Eurocode 3 design and material rules to enable building owners to construct safe and cost-effective buildings with a reduced environmental footprint.

Discover the topics we selected for you: XCarb, e-mobility, steel against waste and much more!

Structural hollows are lightweight steel tubes which are used to reinforce mobile structures such as trailers, rail wagons, and vehicles. ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products recently worked with Condesa Fabril, a leading Spanish producer of tubes and pipes, to create lightweight structural hollows from ArcelorMittal’s Amstrong® Ultra 960MCL high strength steel.

In association with Steligence®, ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products organises a webinar in French on our latest innovations in pre-painted steels to meet the new requirements. Register! #steel #ArcelorMittal #construction #architecture #construction #prepaintedsteel #facade #roofing

In Den Bosch Benthem Crouwel architects designed a 10-metre-wide bridge made from weathering steel by ArcelorMittal.

Built to house 220 people from ArcelorMittal’s digitalisation teams, the new INDI building in Gent (Belgium) is setting high standards in office construction. With its open spaces, low overall height, and high level of energy efficiency, the building is a showcase for ArcelorMittal’s steel solutions. One of the most striking is the Granite® HDXtreme aesthetic cassettes which clad the outside of the building. This organic coated steel offers best-in-class resistance to corrosion thanks to its three-layer coating system