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Roobrouck works mainly with Indaten® weathering steel from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. “The finish of Indaten® is beautiful,” says William Roobrouck. “Over time it develops an orange/brown patina which protects the steel from corrosion. It’s very organic.”

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SAMAG, a producer of truck body solutions for major OEMs, makes maximum use of Amstrong® thanks to the advice provided by ArcelorMittal’s customer support teams. The effective combination of our ArcelorMittal’s state-of-the-art steels and excellent technical support have enabled SAMAG to optimise its sourcing processes and secure market advantage.

Wastiau & Co and Wil-Ma, a collaboration of two architectural firms from Belgium, designed a very functional building with a spectacular outer skin made from high-gloss organic coated steel from ArcelorMittal.

Since March 2020, Industeel's site in Charleroi, Belgium, has been equipped with 1,512 photovoltaic panels on its roof. The green electricity generated will allow Industeel to produce cost-efficient steel while reducing its CO2 footprint. The panels have been fixed on a steel structure coated with Magnelis®.

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As ArcelorMittal, we always want to be close to people. With our newest tool, the roofing configurator, your house plays the starring role in which visions can become reality. The protagonist of this stage design? Granite® organic coated steel from ArcelorMittal that gracefully wraps your roof - ensuring elegance, durability, and beauty.