The Easy Punch grade has guaranteed mechanical properties and roughness. Magnetic properties are not guaranteed, as they are not optimised in this product. Should the application require enhanced magnetic performance, other electrical steel grades in our product range are recommended.


This Easy Punch grade has excellent punchability and stackability, thanks to appropriate mechanical properties and roughness. It is therefore eminently suitable for automatic stacking and assembling techniques. The excellent punchability is achieved by means of a final skin-pass treatment, which produces high Re/Rm values (over 0.9). Easy Punch also has excellent weldability.


 The Easy Punch grade is designed for small machines for intermittent use:

Recommendations for use

Usually, the client does not perform heat treatment after punching. Heat treatment is an option to increase the magnetic performance of Easy Punch.

Brand correspondence

 Old brand names
Easy Punch Usidécoupe


The Easy Punch grade is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 1.2 mm. For thicknesses less than 0.7 mm, the width may not exceed 1400 mm.


 Side trimmed
Min widthMax width
Easy Punch6001500


Mechanical properties

Guaranteed mechanical properties:

 DirectionRe (MPa)Rm (MPa)Re/Rm
Easy PunchT270 - 370310 - 380> 0.85

The following table specifies the typical mechanical properties:

Re (MPa)
Rm (MPa)
A80 (%)
Easy PunchT290 - 370310 - 380115 - 125≥ 0.9023 - 35

Coating properties

This Easy Punch grade is available non-insulated. Corrosion protection can be enhanced by applying a light oiling treatment.


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