The ArcelorMittal Estetic® range of organic coated steels covers all possible applications for indoor building, general industry and electronic markets.


The range comprises conventional organic coated steels produced by applying liquid paint to a substrate by means of a continuous process. The coatings used in the Estetic® range are based on thermosetting resins. One product in this range is a colaminated steel with an inert film.


Specifically developed for interior building/general industry applications, this product range meets all requirements in terms of aesthetic quality (appearance and gloss) and properties such as flexibility, surface hardness, coating adhesion, corrosion resistance etc. Several products in the Estetic® range have been developed to meet the requirements of the W.E.E.E. and R.o.H.S. European directives. The composition of the various organic paint layers also complies with the requirements of these directives.


Organic coated steel products are a better alternative to post-painted finished products. The process is environmentally friendly, economical and guarantees a consistent product quality.


The table below shows the whole Estetic® range as well as its main applications.

NameMain propertiesSurface appearanceApplications
Estetic® AccessEconomicalSmoothInner surface of sandwich panels, metal furniture, indoor use
Estetic® StandardGood compromise flexibility/surface hardnessIndoor use: shelves, radiators, casings
Estetic® FlexFlexibilitySmooth, grainedWater heater casings and other casings, deep drawn components etc
Estetic® TexSurface hardnessTexturedMetal furniture, shelves, radiators, air conditioning units etc
Estetic® MatFlexibility, matt appearanceSmooth, wrinkledMetal ceilings (cappings, perforated panels, accessories), indoor panels
Estetic® Lighting 82Very high reflectanceSmoothLighting
Estetic® Wipe BoardHigh-gloss finish. Wipeability after marking with dry marker pensWipe boards
Estetic® High TechVery good resistance to press formingComputer casings, back panels of TVs, hi-fi etc
Estetic® ConductiveConductive paint with anti-fingerprint propertiesTeletronic goods, hi-fi, computers, weldable structures


Estetic® products are in compliance with standard EN 10169.

Technical properties

The technical properties of these Estetic® products depend on the chemical composition and thickness of the coating. These properties are summarised in the tables below. Please contact us for advice on the choice of the most suitable grade.


A temporary removable protective film can be applied on the top side, depending on the type of coating. Please contact us for further information.

Food contact

For information on food contact, please contact us.

Recommendations for use

Estetic® products can be processed by cold forming and deep drawing without damaging the top surface. They can be joined using techniques such as clinching, riveting and adhesive bonding.

Mechanical properties

Estetic® products are available with a wide range of mechanical properties.

Brand correspondence

Estetic® Access
Estetic® Standard
Estetic® Flex
Estetic® Tex
Estetic® Mat
Estetic® Lighting 82
Estetic® Wipe Board
Estetic® High Tech
Estetic® Conductive



Thickness (mm)Min widthEstetic® Access, Estetic® Standard, Estetic® Flex, Estetic® Tex, Estetic® Mat, Estetic® Lighting 82, Estetic® Wipe Board, Estetic® High Tech, Estetic® Conductive
Max width
0.17 ≤ th < 3.007001850

Not all thickness/width combinations are available. Please contact us for further information.

Coating properties

Estetic® Lighting 82: in compliance with the R.o.H.S. directive.

For other products, please contact us for further information.


The following table lists the guaranteed properties of the coating applied to a galvanised steel substrate with a zinc coating of minimum 100 g/m2 (Z100), except for Estetic® High Tech and Estetic® Conductive, which are evaluated on EZ 25/25.

  Estetic® Access Estetic® Standard Estetic® Flex Estetic® Tex Estetic® Mat Estetic® Lighting 82 Estetic® Wipe Board Estetic® High Tech Estetic® Conductive
15 Ám25 Ám25 Ám35 Ám25 Ám25 Ám25 Ám22 - 25 Ám3 Ám
Gloss (Gardner 60░)
30 GU30 GU30 - 80 GU30 - 50 GUUsual: 15 GU; possible: 5 - 20 GU; < 5 GU for wrinkled surfaces50 - 90 GU80 - 90 GU≤ 10 GU10 GU
Surface appearance
SmoothSmoothSmooth, grainedTexturedSmooth, wrinkledSmoothSmoothSmoothSmooth
Adhesion of the coating (T-bend)
≤ 2 T≤ 2 T0 T≤ 0.5 T≤ 0.5 T≤ 0.5 T≤ 3 T0 T≤ 0.5 T
Resistance to cracking on bending (T-bend)
≤ 3 T≤ 3 T≤ 1 T≤ 2 T≤ 2 T≤ 2 T ≤ 1 T≤ 1 T
Scratch resistance (Clemen)
    > 2 kg    
Impact resistance
15 J18 J18 J18 J18 J18 J 18 J18 J
Surface "pencil" hardness
HB - HHB - HHB - HH - 2HHB - FHB - FF - HH - 2HHB - H
Condensation resistance (QCT)
500 hours1000 hours1000 hours1000 hours1000 hours1000 hours500 hours1000 hours500 hours
Corrosion resistance (salt spray test)
150 hours240 hours240 hours240 hours240 hours240 hours150 hours240 hours72 hours (< 5% red rust)
Corrosion resistance category
Resistance to acids and bases
MediumGood to very goodGood to very goodGood to very goodGoodGood to very goodGood to very goodGoodGood
Resistance to aliphatic and alcoholic solvents
GoodVery goodVery goodVery goodGood to very goodGood to very goodGood to very goodGood to very goodGood to very good
Resistance to ketone solvents
Resistance to aromatic solvents
MediumGoodGoodGoodGoodGood to very goodGood to very goodVery goodVery good
Resistance to mineral oils
GoodVery goodVery goodVery goodVery goodVery goodVery goodVery goodVery good

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