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  • e-invoicing

E-invoicing (or electronic invoicing) is the delivery of invoices and related documents by means of electronic communications.

You have 3 ways to receive our invoices, depending on your environment and scale


These solutions offer you the following advantages:

• Enables fully automated integration
• Requires connection with third-party provider Basware
• Mapping is done by Basware to your preferred format of invoice
• E-invoicing agreement necessary
• Recommended if you have a high volume of invoices

• You receive an email with a link to the invoice on the Basware portal.
• No contract needed, you accept online agreement
• Invoices are available both in PDF and XML formats, allowing data integration
• The Basware portal functions as legal archive

• You receive an email with the original PDF invoice attached, eliminating the need for a paper flow
• Simplified e-invoicing agreement necessary

Eager to get started?

Based on the experience of hundreds of connected customers, we can assist you in your digital journey:

  • Assess your situation: in view of your business needs and IT configuration, we can recommend you the best technical solution
  • Support in implementation: our experts will define a roadmap and project plan together with you. Setup and testing will be done in close cooperation

Contact us now!

The e-invoicing responsible :

Lieven Callebaut
T +32 9 342 24 89
M +32 479 36 86 66

Contact our e-business team

or your usual contact at ArcelorMittal.