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Amstrong® & Amstrong® Ultra


Amstrong® advanced high‑strength steels are available as thermomechanically hot rolled, cold formable grades. 
Their main properties include high yield strength and tensile strength, combined with excellent formability, toughness at low temperatures and fatigue resistance.
These grades are therefore an excellent choice for reducing structural thickness and weight whilst improving load-bearing capacity, thereby generating cost savings and securing market advantage.

Amstrong® Ultra is ArcelorMittal’s range of superior ultra high strength steels, with the  widest dimensional and product range on the market, manufactured from 2000 to 3800 mm and ranging from a minimum yield strength of 650 to 1100 MPa level.
The Amstrong® Ultra grades combine excellent formability with toughness at low temperature and fatigue resistance. With Amstrong® Ultra you can be sure to get significant weight reduction on our structural steel parts, go thinner, higher, wider, making it the smartest choice.


Advantages of Amstrong® & Amstrong® Ultra

  • Excellent formability, ductility and bendability
  • Toughness at low temperatures
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Available in widths exceeding 2000 mm
  • Weight reduction 
  • Low maintenance
  • Improve payload and reduce fuel consumption in mobile equipment thanks to steel thickness reduction
  • Longer crane booms and better fatigue resistance
  • Material cost savings
  • Full and widest dimensional range on the market: from 650 to 1100 MPa
  • Strip products are available up to 2000 m width & thickness range from 2-20 mm.



Transport, yellow and green goods & mechanical engineering

  • Trucks and tippers
  • Mobile cranes
  • Crane booms
  • Crawler cranes
  • Crane booms
  • Work tools for demolition
  • Livestock pens
  • Machine frames
  • Offshore cranes
  • Heavy mechanical equipment
  • Bucket parts
  • Container construction
  • Truck-mounted cranes and construction cranes
  • Excavators and construction vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles and machinery
  • Concrete mixers and pumps
  • Freight and passenger rail cars
  • Light poles
  • Safety barriers
  • Racks and shelving