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Project gallery

A selection of small domestic appliances which have been realised with ArcelorMittal’s advanced steels and solutions.

Revolutionary new washing machine co-engineered

ArcelorMittal and students from the International School of Design (ISD) in Valenciennes (France) have worked together on a project to design a revolutionary new washing machine. The design integrated many innovative steel solutions and highlighted ArcelorMittal’s co-engineering expertise. The prototype exceeded all four design considerations: style, strength, practicality and cost.

Higher fatigue resistance, longer life

Dishwasher doors need to pass fatigue tests including over 50,000 door-open, door-close cycles. Using high strength steels such as Amstrong® 315MC, ArcelorMittal was able to increase the fatigue life of dishwasher hinges by 20 times. This innovative design has been thoroughly tested and approved by our clients.

Light, cost-effective and impact resistant

Using Dual Phase grades and high strength metallic coated steels (HX420LAD), the weight of your washing machine can be reduced by 22% with a cost saving of 14%. Drop tests prove that these steels also significantly improve the damage resistance of the appliance while maintaining good formability.