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Co-engineering support

Domestic appliance makers are required to deliver quality products at the lowest possible cost in a market known for high levels of competition. Manufacturers who fail to develop economical and innovative products which respond to consumer demands are likely to lose their competitive edge. But ArcelorMittal’s appliance customers have that edge: access to some of the most advanced steels on the market and unparalleled support at all stages of the manufacturing process – from concept design to full industrial production.

ArcelorMittal’s co-engineering assistance starts during the design phase of the product’s life. ArcelorMittal engineers can help manufacturers to identify the right steel for the right part. The same engineers are also involved in research into new steel grades and can advise if one of our steels in development might be more appropriate than an existing solution.

Range of simulations possible

A range of simulations can also be carried out to ensure the materials selected meet the manufacturer’s performance criteria. These include experimental strain analysis after deep drawing and finite element stamping simulations. Industry standard drop tests, both with and without packaging, can also be simulated.

ArcelorMittal engineers can also carry out finite element simulations to predict fatigue over the lifetime of an appliance. This is particularly useful to test the performance of high-use parts of the appliance.

Equipped with ArcelorMittal’s portfolio of advanced high strength steels (AHSS), and the design and testing expertise of our engineers, domestic appliance makers can develop affordable, durable and aesthetic appliances for modern living. Why not contact us to find out how we can give your products the edge over your competition.