Easyfilm® HPE is a non-permanent dry coat applied on a pickled hot rolled sheet.

It offers protection against atmospheric corrosion for a period of three months.


Easyfilm® HPE offers the following advantages for the client:


It is possible to paint or enamel directly onto the film, depending on the type of paint or enamel used. Please contact us for further information on this subject.


Pickled hot rolled steels coated with Easyfilm® HPE can be used advantageously in a wide range of applications and processes:

Recommendations for use

Direct painting or enamelling of Easyfilm® HPE: ArcelorMittal laboratories can help you choose a suitable process and/or product. Please contact us for more information on this subject.


It is recommended to store Easyfilm® HPE pickled steel in a facility where the temperature remains below 50°C in order to avoid melting of the film.

Brand correspondence

 Old brand names
Easyfilm® HPE Easyfilm NP1/Solclean
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