Our new Solano® Nature product range is delivered with coatings and surface treatments that are phthalate-free, chromium-free and heavy metals-free (lead or hexavalent chromium complex). It complies with current and future European Union REACH regulations on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. The Solano® Nature range combines metallic coated steel substrates with a protective organic coating system 200 µm thick to create robust products with longer life and high resistance.

The organic coating used in this specific range is based on a thermoplastic resin and is applied to a metallic substrate as part of a continuous process.


Specially developed for roof and wall cladding applications in demanding situations, including industrial and coastal environments, the Solano® Nature range combines great corrosion resistance and durability with improved environmental compatibility.

It is available in three versions, depending on the metallic coated substrate: Solano® Nature N on Z225 or ZA200, Solano® Nature NS on Z275 or ZA255, Solano® Nature NX on ZA265.
The three versions are available in a wide range of colours and with an emboss pattern.


Solano® Nature range products are particularly used for the envelopes of buildings located in continental and oceanic Europe.

NameMain propertiesSurface appearanceExamples of applications
Solano® NatureStrength and corrosion resistanceStandard emboss pattern. Smooth (please contact us)Roofing, cladding, accessories

Recommendations for use

Solano® Nature products can be processed by bending, profiling, cold roll forming and deep drawing without damaging the top surface. They can be joined using techniques such as clinching, riveting and adhesive bonding.

Technical properties

This range of organic coated steels includes a suitable product for every application. The thermoplastic paint system used with Solano® Nature provides high flexibility and very good surface robustness. The metallic coated substrates used are hot dip galvanised steel or galfan. The choice of system depends on the required properties. Please contact us for advice on the choice of the most suitable grade for your application.


These products are in compliance with standard EN 10169.

Fire resistance

Cs2d0 in accordance with the European classification.

Mechanical properties

The Solano® Nature product range has high mechanical and corrosion resistance performance. See properties below.

Brand correspondence

Solano® Nature


Thickness (mm)Min widthSolano® Nature
Max width
0.30 ≤ th < 1.807001550

Coating properties

The following table lists the guaranteed properties of the coating applied to a galvanised steel substrate with a zinc coating of minimum 225 g/m2 (or an equivalent weight of galfan):

  Solano® Nature
Front: 200 m; back: 5, 7, 10 or 12 m
Gloss (Gardner 60)
15 - 45 GU
Surface appearance
Embossed (leathergrain), smooth (please contact us)
Adhesion of the coating (T-bend)
≤ 0.5 T
Resistance to cracking on bending (T-bend)
≤ 1.5 T
Scratch resistance (Clemen)
3.5 kg
Impact resistance
Very good (no loss of adhesion)
Salt spray test
1000 hours
Condensation resistance (QCT)
1500 hours
UV resistance (QUV (UVA + H2O) test (2000 hours))
UV resistance category
Corrosion resistance category
Temperature resistance
Maximum 75C
Resistance to acids and bases
Resistance to acids: medium; resistance to bases: good
Resistance to aliphatic and alcoholic solvents
Very good
Resistance to ketone solvents
Resistance to aromatic solvents
Good to very good
Resistance to mineral oils
Very good
UV resistance
Gloss retention ≥ 50%; ∆ E ≤ 3

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