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Triplan's facade mounting systems: Danish quality made with Magnelis®

Facade mounting systems for external cladding applications require secure connections. One of the Danish suppliers of these systems is Triplan, located on Sjælland (near Copenhagen). Since 2019, Triplan has produced facade connection systems which are made from Magnelis® supplied by ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. ArcelorMittal ships Magnelis® coils to Jørgensen & Utoft, a Danish steel distributor which delivers the cut-to-length steel sheets and strips to Triplan. As well as offering a high-strength solution, the Magnelis® coating ensures resistance to corrosion and the long-term security of the facade.

From left to right: Niels Vilsbøll, Key Account Manager for Jørgensen & Utoft; Klaus Groth Larsen, CEO of Triplan; and Flemming Nielsen, Country Head for ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products in Denmark

Triplan first started using Magnelis® in 2019 when the company was commissioned to create a facade for an existing residential building in Søndermarken (Denmark). “Initially it was the corrosion resistance of Magnelis® that attracted us to the product,” says Klaus Groth Larsen, CEO of Triplan. “Since our first project in Søndermarken, our Magnelis® facade mounting system has been utilised on many new and existing buildings around Denmark.”

The long-term corrosion protection that Magnelis® offers is vital for external facade support systems.

The long-term corrosion protection offered by Magnelis® will ensure the new facade remains structurally sound for years to come.

C5 protection vital in Denmark

Magnelis® is now supplied to Triplan by the Danish steel distributor Jørgensen & Utoft. “We had been working with Magnelis® for several years, so we understood the level of corrosion resistance the coating offers. The demand for Magnelis® is growing every year in our business,” notes Niels Vilsbøll, Key Account Manager for Jørgensen & Utoft. “Many areas of Denmark are very close to the sea, so the C5 corrosion resistance of Magnelis® is very useful. It can withstand the corrosive effects of the salt air making it the ideal material for construction projects.”

Triplan's products are exported to more than 40 countries around the world.

“The superior corrosion resistance of Magnelis® has been demonstrated in accelerated laboratory testing, and extensive outdoor tests at sites around the world,” says Flemming Nielsen, Country Head for ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products in Denmark. “The results show that Magnelis® outperforms galvanised steel in all types of environments, offering up to three times better performance. Magnelis® is also the only metallic coating certified for use in C5 environments. This certification has been backed by the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE).

Double-sided protection

Today, Triplan typically utilises Magnelis® ZM310 which offers a coating thickness of 25 µm per side. The coating is applied to both sides of high strength steel substrates for added protection. “The Magnelis® coated steel we use ranges in thickness from 0.5 to 3.0 mm, usually for securing exterior walls and our steel load-bearing floor slabs,” says Klaus Groth Larsen. “The exact thickness of the steel we use for each project is calculated by our Construction department using information supplied by the customer and our own experience.”

While corrosion resistance was the main reason Triplan initially selected Magnelis®, its self-healing properties are also appreciated. Klaus Groth Larsen explains: “The self-healing process is very important for Triplan. We bend and cut the material in our operations, so there are always edges, welds, perforations, and scratches which can lead to corrosion in galvanised material.

When Magnelis® coated steel is exposed to the environment, these ‘wounds’ are gradually covered by the Magnelis® film, ensuring the integrity of the part.

The cut-edge protection offered by Magnelis® maintains the integrity of the underlying steel during processing, handling, and installation.

Enhancing sustainability

Triplan is already supplying lots of Magnelis® facade connection systems to its customers. That market is set to grow as the company fine-tunes its offer. “We have just published updated Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for our offer,” says Klaus Groth Larsen. “We have also started to optimise our production processes to ensure the right grade of steel is used in each project and application. These initiatives are all steps on our journey to create a more sustainable business.”

Installation of Triplan's facade support systems is quick and easy with standard tools.

This residential building in Søndermarken was the first to be fitted with Triplan's Magnelis® facade support system.



Additional insulation can be added to provide better thermal comfort for the building's occupants.



Founded in 1946, Triplan is a provider of flexible glazed wall systems as well as components for steel and plaster building systems. The company’s 50 employees work in a 7,000 m2 production and administration facility in Ishøj near Copenhagen (Denmark). Triplan’s products are exported to more than 40 countries around the world. To meet the future market demands, Triplan is building a state-of-the-art plant which will open in mid-2026.

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From its base in Denmark, Jørgensen & Utoft supplies flat steel strips and sheets to its customers across Scandinavia and to the rest of Europe. The company maintains a high level of stock, enabling its customers to obtain material with very short lead times. 

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