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Granite® HDXtreme creates durable architectural solution in Santander port

The new Boluda Terminal complex in the port of Santander (northern Spain) sits just metres from the sea. To ensure the unique architectural character of the three buildings would be preserved for years, Granite® HDXtreme from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products was selected for the roofing and cladding panels. The organic coating can withstand extremely harsh environments, even in very hot C5 marine locations. The panels were created by HUURRE IBÉRICA using their state-of-the-art QuadCore insulating technology. Designed by local architect Esteban Aparicio, the Boluda Terminal complex was constructed by DRAGADOS. GRUPO LESACA installed the Granite® HDXtreme cladding and roofing.

Modernity and functionality were key requirements in the design of the Boluda Terminal complex. [Copyright: GRUPO LESACA]

“The objective of the project was to create a container port terminal which reflected the corporate image of the Boluda Maritime Terminals group,” notes architect Esteban Aparicio from EME Atelier. “The buildings had to respond to the company’s philosophy of modernity and functionality. This affected the selection of colours, the design of the three buildings, and the choice of facade panels.”

The new Boluda Terminal buildings are located in the port of Santander. [Copyright: GRUPO LESACA]

Best-in-class solution

To ensure the project met the customer’s aesthetic and technical requirements, GRUPO LESACA began searching for a high-quality material for the external walls and roofs. “Granite® HDXtreme is the best-in-class solution for a C5 marine environment,” notes Albert Puig, International Business Development Manager for GRUPO LESACA. “And the guarantee ArcelorMittal was able to offer for this location was very appealing. This guarantee was not available with other products on our shortlist. The simple method used to place the panels – and the speed of installation – were also important factors when it came to material selection. Granite® HDXtreme is a product that we would definitely recommend again for this type of project.” 

Architect Esteban Aparicio agrees: “We’ve kept up to date with ArcelorMittal’s products as we consider the company to be a leader in the construction sector. ArcelorMittal’s functional and eco-sustainability standards also fit with our philosophy.”

Granite® HDXtreme was used in light grey and red, reflecting the corporate colours of the Boluda group. [Copyright: GRUPO LESACA]

State-of-the-art construction

Using Granite® HDXtreme in Boluda’s corporate colours of red and light grey, HUURRE IBÉRICA formed the steel into high-performance roof and architectural panels. “The HI-PIR XT roof panels have a rigid insulation core with excellent thermal performance,” says Jordi Graus, Export Manager for HUURRE IBÉRICA. “Overlapping flaps guarantee the watertightness of the roof.” 

For the external walls of the buildings, HUURRE IBÉRICA recommended their HI-QuadCore KS1000 AWP panels. Jordi Graus explains: “The panels utilise our QuadCore insulation technology. The result is a panel with exceptional thermal efficiency, a high fire performance, and no water absorption.”

Optimal working environment

Boluda specified that the design of the buildings should be as environmentally friendly both during construction and use. That began with the preparation of the site and affected the choice of materials for the construction. 

“It was possible to limit energy consumption and control energy demand due to the sustainability of the environmentally friendly materials and resources used during construction,” notes Esteban Aparicio. “The interior of each building offers an optimal working environment which does not need a lot of energy to ensure thermal comfort. Energy is also generated via the PV panels on the roof to minimise the use of external energy sources.”

Granite® HDXtreme panels on the roof support the installation of solar panels to reduce the need for external energy. [Copyright: GRUPO LESACA]

“We would definitely choose Granite® HDXtreme again,” says Esteban Aparicio. “It has met all our expectations and created a landmark group of buildings in Santander port. We also appreciated the close collaboration and advice provided by the ArcelorMittal team.”

Polyurethane paints offer the best performance in corrosive environments

“ArcelorMittal has now replaced PVC plastisol paints with polyurethane (PU)-based paints for buildings in extremely harsh environments,” says Patrick Le Pense, Segment Leader for Building Skins and Civil Engineering at ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. “The new PU paints offer better durability, increased UV resistance, a better score on the fire reaction index, and increased resistance to the high temperatures which can occur on exposed surfaces in hot climates. The switch to PU paints makes Granite® HDXtreme our flagship solution for demanding environments.” 

In addition to its enhanced performance, the use of PU paints allows ArcelorMittal to offer a wide range of aesthetic options for Granite® HDXtreme. Patrick Le Pense explains: “Options include structured surfaces, matt or satin finishes, and metallic colours. This best-in-class product can be used on building roofs and facades in locations close to the sea, but also in non-marine locations, with a lifetime guarantee of up to 40 years. Combining Granite® HDXtreme with ArcelorMittal’s XCarb® offer makes it the right choice for architects and investors who are looking to create sustainable building projects.”

In the heart of Santander port, just metres from the sea [Copyright: Kaede Maruyama /, and Philippe Vandenameele]


HUURRE IBÉRICA is a leading producer of sandwich insulating panels and construction systems for high-performance building envelopes. Founded in 1988, the company became part of the Kingspan Group in 2018. Today HUURRE IBÉRICA has around 100 employees and exports its products to more than 30 countries in Europe and around the world.

More info:

Jordi Graus, Export Manager for HUURRE IBÉRICA [Copyright: HUURRE IBÉRICA]

With more than 35 years of experience in the construction sector, GRUPO LESACA is a leading provider of solutions for facades, roofs, and architectural buildings. The company is active in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

More info:

Albert Puig, International Business Development Manager for GRUPO LESACA [Copyright: GRUPO LESACA]

Based in Santander (Spain), EME Atelier designs and supervises the construction of new buildings and renovation projects.

[Copyright: GRUPO LESACA]

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