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Innovative use of Granite® Silky Shine enhances the visibility of an old office building

Granite® Silky Shine has been chosen as the new cladding solution for a refurbished office building in Rennes (France). The steel was supplied by ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products and formed into panels by Joris Ide, a company which specialises in high-end facade solutions. The panels have an angled aspect which creates a play of light and shadow across the facades. At the same time, the chrome finish of the Granite® Silky Shine reflects the sky and the green environment which surrounds the building.

The refurbishment of the office building was designed by local Rennes architects Meignan Engasser Peraud. “The original facade of the building was composed of prefabricated concrete panels which served as a support for external thermal insulation,” explains Mathieu Peraud, architect and co-manager of the firm. “This was completely removed as part of the refurbishment, creating a bare exterior finish. The interior of the building was also completely cleaned out to create large open spaces.”

The refurbished building sits on one of the main roads to the centre of Rennes

With its high-gloss and luxurious finish, Granite® Silky Shine is an ideal choice for landmark structures

Angular aspect reflects nature

To create a complete break with the original smooth facade, the architects opted for cladding panels with an angular surface from Joris Ide. “By selecting two different profiles (JI Ponant W and JI Ponant M) we have created a kinetic facade which changes over the course of the day,” says Mathieu Peraud. “We chose Granite® Silky Shine with a chrome finish to help reflect the context of the building – a space composed of gardens and tall trees. Together with the shape of the JI Ponant panels, this creates a delicate play of reflections between greenery, sun, and urbanity.”

Meignan Engasser Peraud became aware of Granite® Silky Shine when Joris Ide introduced them to Steel Envelope, ArcelorMittal’s catalogue of aesthetic steels for building applications. “We have a long relationship with this architecture firm, and we know they look for novelty in terms of colours and materials,” says Jean-Noël Hery, sales manager for Joris Ide Bretagne. “They selected Granite® Silky Shine in chrome from the samples we received from ArcelorMittal.”

The use of two different panel profiles ensures a continuous play of light across the building throughout the day

High gloss, excellent formability

Granite® Silky Shine was created for environmentally responsible buildings and is part of ArcelorMittal’s range of organic coated steels. All the surface treatments and paints used are free of hexavalent chromium and heavy metals.

The high-gloss (≥ 80 GU) and luxurious finish of Granite® Silky Shine enhances the visibility and impact of buildings. Its excellent formability makes it a good choice for facade panels with multiple bends such as the JI Ponant solution chosen.

The JI Ponant panels are designed specifically for facade cladding. The interlocking system uses hidden fixings, and can be mixed to create different shapes on the same facade. The panels are mechanically fastened to a secondary framework which is secured to the shell of the building.

Granite® Silky Shine in chrome reflects the green environment surrounding the refurbished building

“I am very proud of this building,” says Jean-Noël Hery. “I like its aesthetics and how the colour reflects the vegetation, the colours of the sky, and the environment. The cladding never has the same colour as the day goes by. For me, this is a reference to Rennes.”

Jean-Noël Hery, sales manager for Joris Ide Bretagne

About Joris Ide

Joris Ide is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of steel products for building envelopes. This includes solutions for roofs, facades, and flooring. Although the group operates across Europe, they can respond to local technical specifications and requirements.

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Architect: Cabinet Meignan Engasser Peraud
Facade installation: Quemard


Project management: SCI CifraLM

Copyright images: Joris Ide