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  • Tour Bois le Prêtre

Did you know that … Aluzinc® can enhance life and reduce fire risk?

The Tour Bois le Prêtre is a social housing high-rise in Paris which dates back to the early 1960s. After falling into disrepair and being slated for demolition, the building has undergone a huge transformation thanks to Aluzinc®. The result is a building which meets modern housing standards and improves the lives of its occupants.

The Tour Bois le Prêtre was built in 1962 as a social housing project in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. Fifty metres tall and with 96 housing units over 16 floors, the building is home to more than 200 people.

By 2005 the building had largely become obsolete. Living conditions were poor and there were many technical issues with the building’s infrastructure. Local social housing authority Paris Habitat considered completely demolishing the building to make way for new housing.

Instead, Parisian architects Frédéric Druot, Anne Lacaton and Jean Philippe Vassal developed a plan to rehabilitate and expand the building. The exhaustive transformation project included a new entrance at street level, more lifts and enlarged the footprint of the building on all four sides to create new living spaces for the residents.

In total, more than 3,500 square metres of residential floor area was added including four new apartments and sunrooms and balconies on the east and west sides of the building. In the original construction, apartments were built to one of three different floor plans. During the renovation the number of apartment types was expanded to seven to accommodate families of different sizes.

Best of all, existing occupants were able to stay in their apartments while the work was completed. This reduced costs for Paris Habitat as residents did not need to be relocated during the renovation.

Aluzinc® adds light and style

ArcelorMittal’s Aluzinc® played an important role in the transformation of the Tour Bois le Prêtre. Used both in interior and exterior applications, the stylish shiny finish of Aluzinc® adds chic glamour to a social housing building.  

On the inside, Aluzinc® coated panels were used to create the ceilings and partition walls of the sunrooms and balconies, increasing the amount of natural light in each apartment.

A long-lasting sparkle

From the outside, Aluzinc® helps the tower to stand out from its surroundings.

The unique silvery spangle, composed of aluminium (55%), zinc (43.4%) and a touch of silicon (1.6%) will remain sparkling for many years thanks to a thin layer of aluminium oxide which protects the surface. 

Enhanced safety and comfort

Aluzinc® will also protect the exterior steel columns in the event of a fire. It forms the outer skin of the column envelope and includes a mineral-wool insulation core which guarantees protection for up to 90 minutes. This method of protection is based on the innovative Firestop solution patented by ArcelorMittal and developed in collaboration with the French company Synergy and Industrial Development (SDI).

The Aluzinc® panels on the exterior and new winter gardens help to reduce noise from the nearby ring road. They also improve the thermal insulation of the building and have reduced energy consumption by 50%.

The use of Aluzinc® has saved the Tour Bois le Prêtre from demolition and enhanced the safety and comfort of the building’s residents. The result is a building that will continue to shine out over Paris for many decades to come.