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MMS Modüler adds colour and interest to mobile and modular construction with ArcelorMittal

For Turkish manufacturer MMS Modüler, aesthetic steels from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products are the ideal material for the interior and exterior finishes of its prefabricated and mobile units. With innovation being key to the company, MMS Modüler takes maximum advantage of ArcelorMittal’s very diverse range.

Unlike other companies active in the modular sector, MMS Modüler has its own team of architects who design each project. “We don’t really have much ‘standard’ production,” notes chief operating officer Tuğsen Aly. “We started to integrate ArcelorMittal’s coated steels as a cladding material about three years ago and this was an important innovation. Aesthetically it looks good and there are lots of colour options, it’s an easy material to work with and doesn’t need a lot of manpower.

Exterior finishes generate positive feedback

For exteriors, MMS Modüler typically utilise ArcelorMittal products such as Granite® Impression Agate, and Granite® Impression Wood. “We are getting very positive feedback from our customers on these materials,” says Ali Osman Kavakdan, CEO of MMS Modüler.

Granite® Impression Wood adds warmth to these street kiosks

The ArcelorMittal brand is a selling point, notes Ali Osman Kavakdan: “ArcelorMittal is a well-known and reliable company in Turkey and our other major markets including Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. When we mention we are using products from ArcelorMittal to our customers, it makes our hand stronger.”

MMS Modüler have invested in equipment which enables them to integrate ArcelorMittal’s coated steel products directly into their production system. “Today we utilise the coated coils directly from ArcelorMittal,” says Tuğsen Aly. “They are easy to cut and form into the shapes we require.”

“ArcelorMittal was very supportive when we integrated their coated steels into our systems,” says Ali Osman Kavakdan. “Our contacts at ArcelorMittal are always helpful and provide excellent technical advice when we have an issue. They keep us updated about the latest developments and products.

The main cladding of this mobile home is Granite® Impression Wood

Public amenities are designed to stand out thanks to the clever use of different colours

Modular buildings such as this multi-storey office can be quickly deployed

Light steel construction gaining in popularity

As well as using steel for interior and exterior cladding, MMS Modüler construct their modular units using lightweight steel framing. “Light steel construction is becoming very well-known around the world and the sector is growing,” explains Tuğsen Aly. “Our customers understand the advantages of this type of construction such as its lightweighting potential and recyclability.”

Steel has advantages when it comes to creating energy-efficient buildings as insulation can easily be included in facade panels and between the structural elements. “Energy-efficient buildings are a must in Europe today. As a light steel producer, we can completely meet these requirements,” notes Ali Osman Kavakdan.

MMS Modüler is also looking at additional applications for steel in its buildings. “Our technical team is assessing ArcelorMittal’s products for roofing and guttering,” says Tuğsen Aly. “We currently use roof tiles or sandwich panels, but steel could be a lighter solution.”

Another area of study is the use of modular elements in high-rise buildings notes Ali Osman Kavakdan: “We can make sections offsite and then lift them into place in the building. This method cuts construction time by between 40 and 50 percent. Everyone is going modular!”

About MMS Modüler

MMS Modüler is a part of the Standart Group, one of Turkey’s leading builders of modular and light steel structures. Standart Group has five main brands, each of which is targeted at a different sector ranging from modular and mobile constructions to luxury buildings. The company designs and engineers its own construction projects.

As the name suggests, MMS Modüler is the Standart company which focuses on producing modular structures. The number of applications is almost endless but typical uses include accommodation, hospitals and clinics, kitchens, or public amenities. MMS Modüler constructions can be found around the world but France, Germany, the Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates are key markets.

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Video and image courtesy of MMS Modüler, Standart Group

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