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Fabric of Life: Granite® Impression Cloudy gives Panamanian homes the vintage look

When it comes to choosing a roofing solution for their new home, many Latin American buyers opt for clay tiles to recreate the look of traditional housing. In Panama, customers often seek out second-hand clay tiles which are at least 10 years old. These older terracotta tiles develop a patina which gives them a mottled black-brown colour. It can make a new home look as though it has been around for decades.

Thanks to Formetal, Panamanian home owners no longer have to seek out these expensive and heavy clay tiles to give their home the instantly aged look. Formetal has joined a growing number of companies in Latin America which are offering ArcelorMittal’s Granite® Impression Cloudy as roofing tiles, and it’s proving to be a very popular solution.

“Granite® Impression Cloudy represents an evolution in our line of metal tiles,” notes Esteban Lam, general manager of Formetal. “Our customers like the cloudy effect as it gives them the vintage look they want for their house.”

Made in Europe

Formetal has worked with ArcelorMittal since 2011. The company utilises ArcelorMittal pre-painted coils such as Granite® Standard and Granite® HD for profiles, and galvanised steels for their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) products.

Granite® Standard and Granite® HD were also applied to Formetal’s roofing solutions, offering customers a large range of colours. “We upgraded some of our products in 2014 and decided to enhance our offer with Granite® Impression Cloudy,” notes Esteban. “Thanks to its 35 micron coating, it offers better UV resistance and a lower gloss level than the other products we have tried. Granite® Impression Cloudy also has the antique patina our customers love.”

A key consideration for tile customers is the fact that Granite® Impression Cloudy is made in France says Esteban: “During our sales pitch we stress that Granite® Impression Cloudy is manufactured in Europe, not in Asia. It’s a major selling point for our customers.”

About Formetal

Formetal is a part of the HOPSA group of companies which were founded in Panama in 1946 by Helmer Simons, a Finnish immigrant. HOPSA is still a family-owned company and operates a range of different businesses, mainly in the construction sector.

From its three production facilities in Panama City, Formetal fabricates roofing and accessories, steel doors, and components for HVAC installations.

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