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  • A student residence in Bordeaux

Did you know that … Aluzinc® perfectly fits into the futuristic design of the student halls of residence Cœur de Bastide in Bordeaux?

Built in one of France’s most popular tourist cities, the world capital of wine and capital of the Aquitaine region, these halls of residence are characterised by their modern architecture featuring futuristic shapes and a somewhat surprising combination of colours.

A high-scale architectural project … 

The project comprises three buildings connected by avant-garde ‘stairway bridges’. Built in a new urban district on the outskirts of Bordeaux, the halls of residence therefore form a continuous and futuristic prolongation.

The surprising angularities resemble a scientific complex. In terms of the external façades, metal strips alternating Aluzinc® and prepainted steel form an attractive kaleidoscope of colours, which vary with the daylight and offer a spectacular display at twilight. The installation of these blades on the façade is effected on a rigorous and systematic grid that ensures perpendicularity and the balance of the architectural expression.

A project with ecological and sustainable virtues …

Awarded the ‘Habitat & Environnement’ hallmark, two of the halls of residence buildings are classified as THPE (Very High Energy Efficiency) and the third is classified ‘RT 2005 reference consumption less 18%’. A photovoltaic installation somewhat reduces the building’s energy balance sheet, as does the fitting of sun blinds.

Rainwater is stored in reservoirs buried beneath the gardens and feeds a tank for irrigating the land restored to nature, thus supporting biodiversity within the gardens adjacent to the three buildings. The choice of Aluzinc® cladding, a coated sheet that is highly renowned in terms of ecology, is justified for its natural light reflectance capacity and its ability to thermally insulate a building from the exterior. Moreover, its surface treatment is 100% chromium-free.

Aluzinc® and its long lasting lustre …

Aluzinc® is a flat carbon product with an alloy coating (55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon). It has excellent resistance to corrosion resulting from the characteristics of its two metal components: the aluminium on the surface of the coating acts as a barrier to corrosive agents and the zinc protects the steel through a sacrificial effect.

Aluzinc® presents an attractive appearance due to its characteristic silvery spangle. The surface of the metal deposit is protected by a thin layer of aluminium oxides ensuring its long lasting lustre.

This steel offers many other advantages:

  • 25 year guarantee for use in construction (AZ185 quality)
  • Excellent heat- and light-reflecting properties
  • Construction sector certifications in many European countries (France, Sweden, Belgium, Germany…)
  • Excellent deep-drawing and profiling characteristics
  • Good resistance to high temperatures

Aluzinc® is widely used for exterior and interior applications in construction: roofing, architectural and industrial cladding, ceilings, composite panels, sunscreens etc.

Aluzinc® Florelis has greater uniformity, eliminating any visible difference between sheets. This product is specifically designed for architectural façades whose visual appeal is paramount.

A cost-effective high-quality architectural solution

As confirmed by the architect, Jérôme Sigwalt, the façades of this building with a modest budget were the subject of extensive studies. A research unit was formed specially within the K-architectures practice to find a quality architectural solution within the constraints of a 'social housing' type budget. "Each project has its constraints and challenges which mean that no product or material can be the obvious choice from the outset. Before choosing EUROPLAN III 300* we explored and developed in parallel two other equally credible solutions.

Ultimately, the EUROPLAN III 300 stood out because of its simplicity, the longevity promised by its Aluzinc® treatment and the aesthetic quality of the natural matt prepainted coatings that inspired our decorative pattern."

* EUROPLAN III 300 by Inter-Pliage:
The metallic façade system presents a smooth surface without visible fixations, consisting of strips fit together lengthways and fixed to an adjustable secondary frame structure.
Since many years, Inter-Pliage is one of the most important French producers of elements for high-quality metallic façades.