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  • ArcelorMittal's wide range of electrical steels

ArcelorMittal's product range contains a very broad spectrum of steel grades with specific magnetic properties, including:

These magnetic materials are used in domestic appliances, building industry, mechanical engineering, electrical equipment, motors and generators including electric traction powertrains for automotive.

On top of this, ArcelorMittal offers a comprehensive range of services: technical support, R&D and steel service centres specialised in electrical steels.


iCARe® non-oriented fully processed range for automotive

Finding innovative (i) and environmentally friendly (e) solutions is essential for the CAR of tomorrow. These values form the core of the name iCARe®. Our iCARe® steels help automakers create environmentally friendly mobility solutions for a greener world.

Three steel types are included in the iCARe® offer



Non-oriented fully processed electrical steels

ArcelorMittal’s non-oriented fully processed electrical steels have guaranteed magnetic properties, in accordance with (or exceeding the levels required by) EN 10106:2015. As well as the minimum loss and maximum polarisation levels cited, full magnetic characterisation curves regarding losses, polarisation, permeability and apparent power at different frequencies are available on request.

ArcelorMittal’s non-oriented fully processed electrical steels


Non-oriented semi-processed electrical steels

The semi-processed grades still need an additional annealing treatment step after the client’s punching process. ArcelorMittal offers semi-processed standard grades and semi-processed high permeability grades. The overall average of polarisation in all directions of the high permeability steel sheet plane is therefore much higher than for the standard products.

ArcelorMittal’s non-oriented semi-processed electrical steels


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Pole sheet electrical steels

Hot and cold rolled pole sheet grades are classified according to their yield strength (EN 10265:1995). As well as guaranteed mechanical properties, they have guaranteed magnetic properties, but unlike other electrical steel grades, their magnetic characterisation is determined under direct current (DC) conditions.

ArcelorMittal’s pole sheet electrical steels


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Technical support and engineering

For manufacturers and automakers who wish to exploit the full potential of ArcelorMittal’s electrical steels, we can offer advanced technical support in many areas including modelling, prototyping and material handling.

Discover our services

A world of varnishes for your applications

All our varnishes are environmentally friendly, hydrosoluble and chromium-free.

Each varnish for non-oriented grades (C3, C5, C6) has its own specific properties, such as insulation level, punchability effect, corrosion protection, temperature resistance and weldability.

More information :

Varnishes for non-oriented grades

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