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ArcelorMittal launches Estetic® Casa, new range of coating solutions for appliances

With more and more regulations concerning electronic equipment and the environment, ArcelorMittal, one of the world’s leading providers of steel solutions for domestic appliances, has the right offer to make day-to-day life easier, ecological and more elegant. The newly introduced Estetic® Casa range of innovative coating solutions combines all these properties.

Estetic® Casa meets the needs of today’s appliance manufacturers: a tailor-made solution which can be adapted to any type of appliance, including dishwashers, washing machines or dryers. It also meets the technical requirements of the manufacturing process while preserving the quality of the appliance over its entire lifecycle.

The company is fully engaged in improving the sustainability of its products and business practices. 100% recyclable, steel is the ideal sustainable material. But ArcelorMittal also manages its production facilities in a responsible way, guaranteeing that its products fully respect the European directive on electric and electronic equipment (RoHS, Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and are free of harmful substances according to REACH.

There is no product that better represents the development of the domestic appliance industry towards greener processes than organic coated steel as established with the Estetic® range. The pre-painted products offer shorter production cycles and greener processes requiring less water and energy.
ArcelorMittal was a pioneer in the 80s already to introduce specific organic coated steels adapted to the appliances market. Recognising that OEMs want to reach new heights in the design of appliances, ArcelorMittal continues to further develop its range of pre-painted steels.
The company also offers its customers ways to improve their carbon footprint. The Estetic® Casa range, Easyfilm® and ready-to-paint as well as ready-to-enamel coatings guarantee energy savings and significantly lower water consumption during manufacturing. They all contribute to simplify processes and eliminate degreasing as well as surface treatment before painting or enamelling.

Estetic® Casa: the new pre-painted range developed specifically for domestic appliances

The latest addition to the Estetic® family is Estetic® Casa, a selection of four pre-painted solutions with glossy surface aspects and modern finishes, appliance makers are looking for today.

The basis of the Casa range is Estetic® Casa Access that offers the most cost-effective solution for quality built-in appliances. Like all products in the Estetic® Casa selection, Access is available in a large selection of contemporary colours.

Estetic® Casa Classic is the perfect solution for most domestic appliances, as it offers an excellent technical performance and a large selection of surface finishes, including smooth, orange peel, grained, metallic and gloss from 30 to 90 gloss units (GU). 

A better resistance to corrosion and detergents is provided by Estetic® Casa Protect, along with improved flexibility allowing a broader range of finished shapes. This combination of properties makes Estetic® Casa Protect the first choice for premium quality appliances.

Estetic® Casa Visual surpasses all other products in terms of flexibility, hardness, chemical, stain and detergent resistance. As the name suggests, Estetic® Casa Visual excels in its stunning optical performance, available from extreme matt (5 to 25 GU) to ultra bright (100 GU). ArcelorMittal’s global R&D teams are working to develop new structures and aspects to further broaden the Visual range.

The Estetic® Casa range provides appliance makers with a new set of steels to push the limits of product design. “With our unparalleled service and global presence, ArcelorMittal will continue to support the efforts of appliance makers to introduce the next generation of appliances”, comments Stephane Giffard-Bouvier, business development segment appliances at ArcelorMittal Europe – flat products. “As well as providing timeless aesthetics, ArcelorMittal helps customers to optimise their processes, reduce costs and improve results thanks to an innovative co-engineering approach”.


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