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The new European standard for floor plates

The A90 product catalogue sheet has been updated in order to take into account the publication of EN 10363, the new dimensional standard for floor plates. This standard was developed on request of ArcelorMittal and allows to specify floor plates in the form of coils and sheets.

In addition to the diamond pattern R it contains two tear patterns:

  1. The ‘German tear’, designated as pattern T
  2. The ‘American tear’, designated as pattern A

The European standard replaces the former national standardisation in the CEN member countries:

  • SEL 014E:1979, Warmbreitband mit Mustern – Maße, Gewichte, zulässige Abweichungen
  • DIN 59220:2000, Hot-rolled embossed steel plate – Dimensions, mass and tolerances
  • NBN 154-33:1950, Produits sidérurgiques – Tôles minces en acier d'usage courant pour la construction métallique – Tolérances
  • STAS 3480-08:1980, Otel laminat la cald – Table striata
  • PN-73/H-92127, Blachy stalowe żeberkowe
  • ČSN 42 5392:1990, Plechy z ocelí tried 10 a 11 valcované za tepla s oválnymi výstupkami

In the orders, the old referential will be deleted and replaced by this new standard.

Copyright picture: Tom D’Haenens