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ArcelorMittal electrical steels power the motors in Miele appliances

Everybody uses washing machines and vacuum cleaners and baking ovens. But what do they all have in common? They cannot work without their electric engines. Electric engines make sure that the laundry is fresh, the carpets are clean, and your pizza is crispy. And steel is integral to the efficient operation of these electric motors.

At our mill in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany, ArcelorMittal produces steel for one of the most famous household appliance manufacturers in the world: Miele. Miele is well-known for its high degree of vertical integration. Almost all of the motors used in their washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners, are developed and produced at Miele’s own motor factory in Euskirchen.

For this premium manufacturer, ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt produces high-quality electrical steels which are used in the electric motors of Miele’s appliances. Since 2013, ArcelorMittal St-Chély d’Apcher, France, is also supplying electrical steels for the latest generation of motors used in Miele washing machines.

“We are constantly adjusting to Miele’s special needs for its motor manufacturing process and we have achieved an excellent position,” says Rolf Stiller who is responsible for electrical steel business development and technical support for Miele. “Our steel is used in almost all the devices produced by Miele.”

The non-oriented (NO) electrical steels, both the fully-processed and the semiprocessed types, are well-suited for Miele’s washing machines and dryers. The high permeability of these grades in particular has a positive effect on the efficiency of these domestic appliances.

Cooperating for more than 20 years

The cooperation between ArcelorMittal and Miele started more than two decades ago. In order to fulfil the high quality standards Miele demands, ArcelorMittal has continuously improved the properties of our electrical steels.

ArcelorMittal’s electrical steels have tailor-made grade and surface properties which are finetuned for each customer and application. They are indispensable steels and used in all types of electric machines including engines and generators.

In Europe, ArcelorMittal operates two of the very few specialised mills which are able to manufacture electrical steels to the quality level Miele requests. We guarantee the defined magnetic and mechanical properties which are required for the smooth and efficient transmission of electrical energy. These key properties are achieved thanks to our specific iron-silicon alloys and the thermomechanical processes used in their production.

ArcelorMittal's electrical steels have tailor-made grade and surface properties which are finetuned for each customer and application.