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  • The wind of change

Wind mills

A sustainable solution for a greener energy

Sustainability is one of ArcelorMittal's most important values, so it's obvious our researchers and engineers have a great expertise in products and solutions for wind mills. 

Our experts:

  • Are extending our range of thermomechanically rolled grades
  • Will support you by providing advice about welding
  • Are ready to develop together with you an optimised design for your wind mill tower
  • Will help you to find the right steel grade

Using high strength plates in your tower will: 

  • Reduce the weight
  • Reduce the material costs
  • Reduce the number of ring-shells
  • Reduce the welding length

Results demonstrate the benefits

By replacing standard structural plates (S35JRJ2) by high strength plates (S460M), you can reduce the weight of your tower by 17%.