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Bath & shower tubs

Brand new shapes with very deep drawable enamelling steels

With our new range of enamelling steels, today it is possible to create bath & shower tubs with modern and angular shapes.

The use of our new product offers our customers many advantages:

  • Development of new parts with complex shapes that are difficult to stamp at present.
  • Reduction in the current scrap rates on some parts that are difficult to stamp. Scrap rates can be reduced by 10% using DC07EK.
  • Lower process costs:
    • One step less in the deep drawing process
    • No additional oiling
    • Lower reworking costs
    • Increased production rates and flexibility

All these advantages reduce the total cost of ownership over the whole value chain.

Our technical experts will assist you in your design, in order to improve the deep drawing behaviour and increase the feasible dimensions of your final application.