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  • Our offer for wind turbines

ArcelorMittal: the leading supplier of steel solutions for the global wind energy industry!

ArcelorMittal is constantly developing new technologies which improve the sustainability of our products and business practices. We work in close partnership with our customers and suppliers to help them achieve their environmental goals through innovation in steel solutions.

ArcelorMittal makes renewable energy even more sustainable

As an international company with industrial operations in more than 20 countries, ArcelorMittal recognises the impact that climate change will have on many regions in which we work. That’s why we are fully engaged in global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate their impact.

Across the whole steel sector, CO2 emissions per tonne of crude steel output are now 50% lower than 40 years ago. ArcelorMittal has committed to reduce its CO2 emissions further - by 8% per tonne of steel by 2020 compared to our baseline emissions in 2007.

Why steel is the green choice for wind energy

Wind turbines are already generating more than 240 gigawatts (GW) of clean energy globally each year. That’s enough to meet the needs of more than 18 million households for a year. While significant, more capacity is required to meet the ever increasing demand for electricity in modern society. As a natural, permanent material, steel is the ideal material to meet this challenge.

Steel can already be used to create more than 80% of the components required to build a wind turbine. Valued for its strength, flexibility and durability in the field, steel is also 100% recyclable, making wind energy truly renewable.

Within its first year of operation, a steel wind turbine will pay back the energy required for its production.

Wind energy set to contribute more to the mix

According to statistics from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), wind represented 10% of the EU’s power mix in 2011. Wind power is capable of supplying a much larger share of Europe’s electricity demand. The potential for wind is comparable to the levels currently being met by conventional technologies such as fossil fuels – coal (26%), gas (23%) –, nuclear (14%) and hydro-electric (14%).

The use of renewable sources of energy is seen as a key element in the EU’s energy policy. The policy aims to:

  • Reduce the EU’s dependence on fuel imported from non-EU countries
  • Reduce emissions from the use of fossil fuels
  • Decouple energy costs from the price of oil

Europe’s ‘Climate and Energy Package’ sets a target for 2020 that would see 20% of the EU’s gross energy needs coming from renewables.

Source: EWEA, European Commission

Steels for every part of your wind tower

Along with Long Carbon, ArcelorMittal Flat Carbon Europe (FCE) produces steels which are suitable for all major parts of a wind turbine installation.


ArcelorMittal FCE can supply a full range of electrical steels for the medium- and high-power generators which sit at the top of the wind tower (in the nacelle). These steels possess all of the required magnetic properties to maximise the amount of energy each turbine can produce.  

The optimal generator type depends on whether the turbine is designed to function with or without a gearbox. For direct drive machines (no gearbox), electrical steels with very high permeability are required. However, for geared solutions, lower losses are more important.  

As well as steel grades which meet the EN 10106 standard, ArcelorMittal offers electrical steels with high permeability, or low losses. Different thicknesses are available to meet the requirements of all machine designs.  


Around 85% of all wind turbine towers are built with quarto plate steel, also known as heavy plate. ArcelorMittal can also supply coils for towers with larger dimensions. 

ArcelorMittal FCE is already a highly respected supplier of quarto plate. One of our largest mills is ArcelorMittal Asturias in Gijón (Spain) which has supplied quarto plate for more than 3,000 wind towers since 2005. Quarto plates for wind towers are also produced by ArcelorMittal Galati (Romania).  

ArcelorMittal is actively working with leading wind turbine manufacturers to create innovative tower designs which do not require welding, making them even quicker and easier to install.  

Quarto plate specifications
Both ArcelorMittal Asturias and ArcelorMittal Galati deliver quarto plates in accordance with the EN 10025 standard using structural steel grades including S275, S355, and from S420 up to S460 (including J, J2, JR, M, ML, N, and NL specifications).