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  • Steels for laser cutting

High-speed performance steels for laser cutting

Due to ArcelorMittal’s stringent production parameters, our laser cutting steels offer considerable advantages and high added value.

ArcelorMittal supplies steel coils for laser cutting with reduced internal stresses.
For our sheets we offer a guaranteed flatness. They maintain their flatness before, during and after laser cutting.

Our laser steels are suitable for applications where extremely precise cuts, clean and accurate cutting edges and distortion-free parts are required.

Higher productivity 

The specific chemistry and excellent internal cleanliness of ArcelorMittal’s laser steels lead to higher productivity for your laser cutting equipment.

Advantages include:

  • Significantly higher cutting speeds can be achieved.
  • The stable cutting process minimises machine standstills.
  • Cut edges exhibit excellent surface quality: they are clean, accurate, and free of burrs.
  • Processing performance is consistent due to the narrow tolerances in the mechanical properties, reducing the springback.
  • Excellent welding performance.
  • Class 1 galvanisability is guaranteed.
  • Excellent cold formability.
  • Significant cost savings are possible due to lower material costs, improved quality and yield, and the reduction in machine downtime.

Coils, sheets and a choice of finishes

ArcelorMittal offers its laser cutting grades in both coils and sheets and in a choice of finishes.
Our laser steel product range includes formable steels for bending and drawing applications, structural steels and High Strength Low Alloy grades.
Mill or pickled finishes are available.