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8-12 August 2016, Valparaiso (Chile)

This year, Tecnovial and ArcelorMittal International joined forces to introduce to the Chilean market an outstanding new coating to protect safety barriers made of steel:  Magnelis®.

Magnelis® is a steel metallic coating made with zinc, 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium, which protects road infrastructures made of steel against corrosion, while maintaining high mechanical properties.

The coating has successfully passed salt spray tests, confirmed by outdoor tests, including in soil and concrete where it has proven a superior behaviour compared with traditional heavy zinc coating.

Magnelis®, which uses less zinc than pure zinc coatings thereby considerably reducing zinc runoff in the soil, comes with a guarantee for safety barriers and poles.

On Tecnovial stand, representatives from the Ministry of Public Works, construction companies, universities, were all very interested on the longer-life/less-maintenance aspects of the product, its innovation, and also curious about the other applications of the product, such as water/sewage tunnel liners, wood aspect steel barriers, etc.

The stand, which featured very visual panels, a video and a safety barrier made from Magnelis®, was elected best stand of the event.

On top of this, ArcelorMittal held a conference on “Magnelis®, the coating of the future for a new generation of road security infrastructures”. More than 50 participants attended thus shown the interest of the Chilean market for Magnelis®.

About Magnelis®

Developed by ArcelorMittal researchers, Magnelis® has a special self-healing capability, which enables cut edges to autonomously protect themselves against corrosion in the field. Magnelis® received an award in 2014 at the Intertraffic fair in Amsterdam.

Magnelis®can be combined with high strength steels and ultra high strength steels, which offer better mechanical properties compared with traditional structural steels, providing optimal safety solutions. Their reduced weight (up to 25% per metre compared with those made with structural grades) reduces greenhouse gas emissions as less steel is required and more finished products can be transported at the same time to the installation site.

This winning combination offers a lighter, cheaper, even more durable and guaranteed solution for road infrastructure solutions.

About Provial fair

PROVIAL is a program that fosters road maintenance, with the main objective of improving the quality, scope, planning and management of the road infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is a point of encounter of different international specialists international in road maintenance.

Provial aims to bring together academic experts, professionals, consulting firms and authorities of Chile and abroad, in order to exchange experiences relating to progress in research, development management, maintenance and exploitation of roads and highways.

The 12th International Congress and trade fair technology Provial 2016 included two main activities. In the first place, a conference on technical works relating to road maintenance, previously evaluated and selected by a panel of experts.

Secondly, a technology fair with companies relating to road maintenance, a real forum of exchanges and interactions between the private, public sector, researchers and providers of products, goods and/or services for the road infrastructure industry.

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