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  • Magnelis®

Exceptional protection - even on cut edges - in the harshest environments



  • excellent corrosion resistance - at least 3 times better than galvanised steel in external applications
  • excellent forming behaviour thanks to a lower friction coefficient to galvanised steel and very good adhesion of Magnelis® coating
  • complete edge protection from the self-healing properties of Magnelis® on cut edges
  • more cost-effective than batch galvanised steels, due to simple manufacture
  • lower zinc run-off than galvanised steel: better for the environment up to 20 years guarantee for roofing and cladding in marine environments and up to 25 years for inland applications (more than 2000 m from the coast)

Copyright images: © Sanchai Khudpin, Candace Hartley, ETIENjones, 06photo, Moomsabuy / Shutterstock.com, Christophe Demonfaucon, Didier Bridoux