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  • Co-engineering safer roads

ZIPpole® controls deformation with advanced steels

Lighting poles are an essential safety feature on roads. But if you hit them whilst driving, they can turn into lethal obstacles.

Safety-Product, a Belgian maker of safe road infrastructure solutions, has created ZIPpole®, a new type of lighting pole using ArcelorMittal’s advanced high strength steels. Unlike traditional poles, the ZIPpole® is designed to wrap around a vehicle during a crash to reduce its momentum in a controlled manner. The pole absorbs the energy of the crash, limiting the forces transmitted to the occupants of the car.

During the manufacturing process, the steel is bent and then riveted together. This forms a column which is vertically strong, but which is weak in the horizontal direction if hit. In an accident the rivets break one-by-one, like a zip. The strong shape loses its strength and the steel bends around the vehicle.

The ZIPpole® is designed to 'zip' open on impact

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Copyright pictures: Shutterstock - Mino Surkala, Safety-Product