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ArcelorMittal Gent starts the production of Magnelis®, the leading metallic coating which offers an outstanding protection against corrosion

Magnelis® is a unique metallic coating that protects steel against corrosion for decades. Launched in 2011, Magnelis® has been adopted by an impressive number of customers for even more applications. It is easy to process, shows a successful track record of field tests results throughout the world, and is the answer to the ecological challenge of the galvanised coating of the future. Today, ArcelorMittal opens a new production line in Europe at ArcelorMittal Gent mill, the second line in Belgium after Liège (where Magnelis® was developed).

Magnelis® is an exceptional ternary alloyed coating with a unique composition which provides an unprecedented surface and cut-edge protection against corrosion.

What makes Magnelis® so successful is

  • Its proven resistance to corrosion, backed-up by more than 10 years of outdoor field tests in more than 16 sites around the world, external certificates from many European countries as well as strong guarantees granted for projects in harsh environments.
  • Its easiness to process, compared with galvanised steel, in all the main steps such as profiling, bending, welding and cutting.
  • Its environmental benefits: Magnelis® reduces the environmental footprint of manufactured products thanks to lower use of raw materials and natural resources, a reduced zinc run-off during the product’s life, and an increased lifetime of the finished product. An Environmental Product Declaration is available.

Magnelis® has been adopted for many applications in many sectors such as construction, racking, electrical equipment, and HVAC, agriculture, civil engineering and solar energy.

Magnelis® is the product of choice for the solar energy segment. Many of our customers produce profiles and structures used in various solar energy plants, such as solar farms, industrial roof panels, concentrated parabolic towers, ... For mounting structures of photovoltaic panels, the solar sector is highly demanding for durability and long lifetimes, even if aggressive atmospheric conditions. Thanks to its guaranteed durability, Magnelis® is the perfect answer to this expectation. With the start of a new production line for Magnelis®, ArcelorMittal is proud to accompany the move towards a higher mix of renewable energies. Magnelis® is used for many solar projects in Belgium as well as many countries in the world, including mega-projects, in the Middle East.

Magnelis® is produced today in ArcelorMittal mills of Liège, Avilés, and Bremen.

To respond to the demand, Magnelis® is also produced on the Sidgal 1 line of ArcelorMittal Gent since February 2021. Sidgal 1 production will enlarge the range of Magnelis® coated steel, as well as allow the Easyfilm® additional surface treatment based on a thin organic coating. This new feature will make Magnelis® a product fully adapted for applications with higher visual & aesthetical requisites.

Thanks to its R&D centres with 1500 researchers worldwide, ArcelorMittal is constantly innovating in its products and production processes. Concerning Magnelis®, this translates into the enrichment of the range with lower coating thicknesses to extend the uses of the product, as well as heavy coatings for the most aggressive environments. The range has also been made available on our high-strength steels, which allows to lighten the structures and optimise their costs.

Concerning our production processes, we have a clear roadmap of reduction of our carbon emissions in Europe: 30% by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2050.

To achieve this, we develop two pioneering and breakthrough carbon-neutral technology routes: the first, we call Smart Carbon and the second is an innovative DRI-based route. Some projects and investments are currently being implemented at ArcelorMittal Gent. 

Our customers are also becoming increasingly climate conscious and are demanding green steel. ArcelorMittal Europe has developed a concept for this, whereby the CO2 reduction is converted into an equivalent volume of green steel. We are proud that we can already offer this to support our customers who are also ambitious in their development of green products. Today, Magnelis® can be purchased as Green Steel.

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The Sidgal 1 line 

The 27,000 solar panels on the roof of ArcelorMittal Gent, resulting in the largest sunroof in Belgium, are supported by a framework made of steel coated with Magnelis®.

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