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Close relationship between Epco and ArcelorMittal brings trust, efficiency, and business growth

Epco is a global producer of sandwich panels for garage, commercial, and industrial doors. Formed in 2009, the company uses ArcelorMittal’s organic coated Granite® steels to create high-quality panels which are exported across Europe and around the globe. The success of Epco’s business relies on the company’s dedication to perfection at every step of production. That starts with the quality of the steel – a key reason for the close relationship between Epco and ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. But Epco also wants to be a leading example of sustainability in its sector. That’s why the company has decided to purchase XCarb® green steel certificates from ArcelorMittal.

Partners for life

“The long-term partnership with ArcelorMittal has brought Epco many advantages,” notes Luc De Deygere, CEO of Epco. “Instead of switching supplier frequently in search of the lowest price, we have opted for a challenging relationship with the supplier we trust for quality, consistency, their willingness to innovate, and their ability to ensure our supply chain never runs dry. In return, we get all the support we need, even while using the product. And we are in frequent contact about new ideas and opportunities.”

Quality is a prime consideration for Epco when it comes to choosing a steel partner

A real test of the relationship came during the COVID-19 epidemic which has disrupted supply chains around the world. “ArcelorMittal was still able to deliver steel to us during this period,” says Luc De Deygere. “Some of our competitors were forced to stop production due to a lack of steel. By contrast, ArcelorMittal has engaged in open and constructive communication, enabling us to fulfil most of our orders within a reasonable time frame. In times like this, that relationship is invaluable.”

Steel quality a key consideration

Quality is an important consideration when it comes to choosing materials. Epco’s panels are typically used on the exteriors of homes, commercial buildings, or industrial premises and the large expanse of the door means that every flaw in a panel is highly visible. And the steel must resist corrosion – whatever the environment.

“Our panels are used in locations that are close to the sea or in industrial environments that can be very corrosive,” notes Luc De Deygere. “We even have a customer in Siberia that needs to be sure their door will function when the temperature goes down to minus 40°C and there is snow piled against it. Even in these conditions, the steel sheets must stick to the inner foam and avoid corrosion. By using Granite® from ArcelorMittal we can offer a 20-year guarantee in most locations, and 10 years for panels that are installed in extreme environments. Sometimes that is more than the lifespan of the complete door, but it confirms our ambition to exceed expectations.”

Epco utilises steels from ArcelorMittal’s organic coated Granite® family including Granite® Flex, HD, and HDS

Dedication to perfection ensures the exceptional quality of every Epco panel

Greener production routes

Epco is very aware of the need to continue its active role in helping the world to reduce carbon emissions as Luc De Deygere explains: “The recent flooding in Belgium and Germany and the forest fires in the south of Europe are clear indications that climate change is happening faster than expected. As a business, Epco has already taken action to reduce our carbon footprint. That has seen us install solar panels on the factory roof and make use of electric vehicles. But we need to do more. That’s why we have decided to purchase ArcelorMittal’s XCarb® green steel certificates. We hope they will help to motivate our customers to follow greener production routes.”

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Epco door panels are exported around the world

With production facilities in Belgium, Poland and Switzerland, Epco has the world covered

Almost any garage door can be made with Epco’s insulated panels – even one for a helicopter!

Copyright images: Epco