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Achieving net-zero steelmaking requires customers with vision – meet Bette!

Based in Germany, Bette is a leading producer of enamelled steel solutions for bathrooms. The company’s products feature impressive design and very high quality with guarantees of up to 30 years. During 2021, Bette became one of the first ArcelorMittal Europe customers to purchase XCarb® green steel certificates with their steel orders. This year, Bette has increased the amount of steel covered by the certificates as part of its strategy to enhance the sustainability of its products and operations. And the company believes that investing in solutions such as XCarb® will help to create a greener planet for all.

Thilo C. Pahl, Managing Partner of Bette explains: “One of the main reasons we bought XCarb® green steel certificates was because we want to give ArcelorMittal a sign that we support your ambition to succeed in achieving net-zero steelmaking. We are convinced that investments which will result in a greener planet can’t be wrong!”

Thilo C. Pahl, Managing Partner of Bette 

Certificates represent emission savings

“XCarb® green steel certificates represent the emission savings ArcelorMittal has achieved by implementing breakthrough carbon-reduction technologies in its primary steelmaking operations,” explains Thomas Quattelbaum, ArcelorMittal’s key account manager for Bette. “The savings are accumulated and verified by an independent third-party. Customers can purchase XCarb® green steel certificates with the steels they order and report that saving as a reduction in their Scope 3 emissions. Proceeds from the sale of the certificates are helping ArcelorMittal to explore and implement other technologies which will help us achieve our target of net-zero by 2050.”

ArcelorMittal’s XCarb® green steel certificates are helping Bette reduce its Scope 3 emissions 

Bette will primarily use the XCarb® green steel certificates to retire its own Scope 3 emissions. “For projects where large quantities of our products are bought, we may pass the certificates to our customers if they request them,” says Thilo C. Pahl. “We aim to be as transparent as possible with our whole sustainability programme.”

Steel allows 30-year guarantees

To create its unique enamelled products, Bette relies on grade DC06EK from ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. “As a premium manufacturer, we only have one level of quality – very high,” notes Thilo C. Pahl. “And to achieve that level, we only use DC06EK. The steel is alloyed with titanium, and bonds tightly with the enamels that we use. The physical characteristics of the steel enable Bette to offer a 30-year guarantee on our glazed titanium-steel solutions.”

That’s almost as long as Bette has been using DC06EK. “Bette are very experienced with using this cold rolled grade,” notes Thomas Quattelbaum. “As a result, very little scrap is produced on their lines.”

Bette offers guarantees of up to 30 years on its titanium-steel range 

Success requires cooperation

Bette faces intense competition from competitors which use cheaper and less environmentally friendly materials such as carbon-intense plastics. Thilo C. Pahl believes that ArcelorMittal and Bette must work together to counter this challenge: “We can only succeed if ArcelorMittal moves as quickly as possible to lower the carbon intensity of steelmaking. As a customer, we must commit to source as much low-carbon steel as possible. Initiatives such as XCarb® green steel certificates give Bette a way to play our part in the ecological transformation of steel production.”

Bette and ArcelorMittal have a long relationship stretching back in the 1970s. “Thomas Quattelbaum has been our link with ArcelorMittal for more than 31 years now,” says Thilo C. Pahl. “Our long and continuing partnership and ArcelorMittal’s quality steels are the strengths of our relationship.”

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Bette utilises the cold rolled grade DC06EK from ArcelorMittal

Unbeatable aesthetics and high quality set Bette’s products apart from the competition. At the end of their life, steel bathroom products can be fully recycled without loss of properties.