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The world of mobility is rapidly progressing towards a more sustainable future. One of the most prominent signs of this movement is the increasing demand for electric vehicles. This growth is triggered by several factors, from government initiatives for new emissions regulations to pressure from consumers for innovative products. Regardless of the catalyst of this new demand, the impact is clear: a rising need for Electrical Steels.

On October 26th, starting at 10.00 CEST, ArcelorMittal will host a webinar to take a deep dive into the importance of Electrical Steels, and the future that will be unlocked through their implementation.

What makes Electrical Steels so important to bring in-demand innovations to life? Electrical Steels are at the very heart of electric traction motors, driving the power train of electric vehicles. Their excellent magnetization and strength enable in a highly efficient way the conversion from the battery’s electrical energy into mechanical traction. On top of that, different types of Electrical Steel grade families give high flexibility and design freedom to motor manufacturers, whereas the end-users will enjoy the long drive ranges and the high reliability and lifetime of the electric motors.

But how do you choose the right partner to assist you in this journey? What are the criteria for top quality products? And how will the future of your company and the world look like when you choose forour Electrical Steels? During our webinar, ArcelorMittal will answer these questions and more.

In the first of two presentations, Cristina De Lucas Arribas, ArcelorMittal’s CMO of Electrical Steels and Automotive Sales Director, and Eric Werner, Sales Director Electrical Steels, will paint a picture of how ArcelorMittal’s Electrical Steels will drive ambitious sustainability initiatives and meet growing product demand.

Once we have established the understanding of why Electrical Steels are at the core of the eMobility revolution, we will take a closer look into the products itself and into their applications. ArcelorMittal’s Global R&D’s Drs. Lode Vandenbossche, Development Engineer for Electrical Steels, and Ahmed Abdallh, Electromagnetic Research Engineer, will together explore ArcelorMittal’s offer of Electrical Steels for automotive traction: from the specifics of the different grade families to their added value in electric power trains.A case study will be presented showing the gains in energy efficiency, motor performance and compactness depending on the Electrical Steel grade choice.

If you want to take your knowledge even further, after our webinar, starting at 11.00 CEST you will be able to ask our experts, Drs. Vandenbossche and Abdallh, your technical questions about ArcelorMittal’s solutions and how our Electrical Steels are about to start a revolution.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to get a first-row seat to the future of transportation. Together, by understanding and embracing Electrical Steels, we will pave the way for a low-carbon, innovative, and brighter future.

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