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New online tool from ArcelorMittal allows customers to design a new roof from home

ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products has developed an online Roofing Configurator. The tool enables users to design a new roof from the comfort of their home or office using ArcelorMittal’s Granite® range of organic coated steels for roofing applications. Customers can apply the results to an image of their home to see how the new roof will look. And they can choose from a list of roofing companies who are able to carry out the work. The tool has already been deployed in Poland, and ten Polish roofing companies have signed up to be part of the project.

The Roofing Configurator was developed by ArcelorMittal and Multimedia Communication, a Polish company specialising in digital communication. The tool was launched in June 2020. It is designed to be used by private customers, roofers, installers, architects, designers, planning authorities and other construction partners.

The Roofing Configurator includes several features which facilitate the design process. For example, customers who are renovating an existing building can estimate the surface area of the roof from a Google Map image of their building, a PDF, or an image file. They can also choose different products from ArcelorMittal’s organic coated offer and simulate how those products will look using an image of the building. Links are provided to building information model (BIM) objects and a PDF of the plan can be generated.

The Roofing Configurator can be used to design roofs for new and existing buildings

Partners help customers realise their dream roof

Once they have defined their new roof, customers can contact one of the ten roofing companies who are part of the project. The companies include: Balex Metal, Blachdom Plus, Blachprofil2, Blachy Pruszyński, Budmat, Budmax-Metal, Dachpol, Inter-max, Mar-Jola, and Regamet.

“ArcelorMittal’s Roofing Configurator is a modern and effective tool,” notes Robert Falkowski, purchasing director for Budmat. “It is especially useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Potential customers can choose the configuration of their new roof, take the necessary measurements, and contact the manufacturer without leaving their home.”

“Customers who have used the Configurator have been encouraged by the completeness of our offer,” says Małgorzata Lubczyńska, marketing director for Pruszyński. “They also appreciate the Configurator’s advanced tools which enable them to visualise their new roof.”

With an image of the building, the user can trial how different products or colours will look 

Configurator helps further partnerships

For companies such as Balex Metal, involvement in the Roofing Configurator provides their customers with information about some of the leading roofing products on the market. Adam Wizimirski, the company’s marketing director, explains: “The advantage of working with ArcelorMittal is their ability to deliver a consistent product. This is appreciated by Balex and our customers.”

“We have seen huge benefits from our direct cooperation with ArcelorMittal,” says Ireneusz Aronowski, chairman of the Dachpol board. “We appreciate ArcelorMittal’s professional approach and willingness to help in solving issues.”

ArcelorMittal’s organic coated steels for roofing come in a wide range of colours and designs

Although the Roofing Configurator is only available in Polish now, there are plans to develop other language versions. “We are looking for companies in other countries who are willing to partner with us,” says Marta Dziarnowska, international steel promotion director for ArcelorMittal Europe – Flat Products. “If you are a roofing business that uses ArcelorMittal’s organic coating products, you should contact your local customer technical support (CTS) person to find out how you can become involved.”

The Roofing Configurator can be accessed from ArcelorMittal’s dedicated construction website, Constructalia.

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