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  • Steel cladding solutions look good for decades

Facades and cladding

ArcelorMittal’s steels for external facade and cladding applications provide architects and designers with an almost unlimited array of finishes to suit any construction.

ArcelorMittal can provide solutions for:


Profiles and sandwich panels

ArcelorMittal offers many different steels which are suited for forming into profiles and sandwich panel cladding for buildings. The option you choose depends on the finish required.

Our recommended organic and metallic coated range includes:

  • Granite® Standard (25 µm paint system). A quality cost-effective solution for non demanding environments.
  • Granite® HD (25 µm paint system). Provides good UV and corrosion resistance.
  • Granite® HDS (35 µm paint system). Has exceptional resistance to photochemical ageing and a range of attractive colours.
  • Granite® Impression Wood (35 µm paint system). The beauty of a colourful palette combined with a wide range of wood finishes.
  • Solano® (200 µm paint system). Offers exceptional performance and excellent corrosion resistance in demanding environments.
  • Aluzinc®. A natural spangled silver metallic coating – composed of 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and a touch of silicon (1.6%). Aluzinc® combines thermal efficiency with an attractive appearance.

Architectural facades and cladding

ArcelorMittal offers a collection of products which can inspire architects to create top-quality facades which set a building apart. The geometrical effects and audacious lines the architect designs can be realised and enhanced with our prestigious products.

Recommended products in our organic coated range include:

  • Granite® Silky Mat (35 to 40 μm paint system). Offers two finish options: a warm, tactile surface with a slightly sparkling textured appearance combined with very low gloss levels, and a smooth, slightly grained finish - both ideal for smart and creative facades.
  • Granite® Impression (35 to 50 μm paint system). A steel for facades with five unique printed impressions - Wood, Cloudy, Agate, Elephant and Snake - offering unique visual and textural options.
  • Granite® Deep Mat (40 µm paint system). Finished with a stylish mat paint system which gives the facade an impression of depth and warmth.
  • Granite® Forever (25 µm or 35 µm paint system). Maintains its initial aesthetics and stays cleaner for a longer time due to its easy cleaning and anti-soiling properties.
  • Granite® HDX (55 µm paint system). A top class product for UV and corrosion resistance and suitable for harsh environments.
  • Granite® PVDF (35 µm paint system). Specifically developed to resist high UV radiation, PVDF is highly resistant to fading and many chemicals.

Recommended products in our hot rolled and metallic ranges include:

  • Aluzinc® Florelis (coating is composed of 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon). Aluzinc® Florelis offers a one-of-a-kind finish which is specifically tailored for modern and contemporary facades. It has a controlled number of spangles per square decimetre which gives it a uniform surface aspect.
  • Indaten®. Highly appreciated by architects for its natural aesthetic, this weathering steel develops an oxide layer on the steel surface when exposed to the weather.

Recommended products in our enamelled steels range include:

  • Solfer®. The selection for prestigious architectural facades thanks to the unique characteristics of enamel combined with the appropriate steel substrate, which gives you resistance to atmospheric pollution and UV, as well as colour stability, lasting for more than 50 years.


Protection against the sun is vital in many areas to minimise the amount of energy required for cooling. Products proposed by ArcelorMittal can be easily perforated to allow light to enter the building, but reduce the overall heat gain from direct sunlight.

Recommended products include:

  • Aluzinc® HFX (55% aluminium/43.4% zinc coating). Aluzinc® combines thermal efficiency with an attractive appearance.

Consisting of a landmark book and a dedicated website, Steel Envelope gives architects, designers and specifiers a chance to touch and feel ArcelorMittal’s construction products. Steel Envelope includes ArcelorMittal’s pre-painted and metallic coated steels for both interior and exterior building applications.

On the Steel Envelope website discover a wealth of information on our products and their applications including colour ranges, guarantees, product features, and a product selector to select the right steel for the right application.You can also order samples online.