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Lightweight gas bottle

Durable steel designed for safety

An excellent example of what can be achieved with ArcelorMittal's advanced high strength steel DP600 is the lightweight gas bottle developed together with various gas cylinder manufacturers:

  • At least 40% weight reduction
  • Up to 30% cost savings

Taking into account the total recyclability of steel, this new cylinder greatly reduces the carbon footprint compared to all its lightweight competitors. A real ecological solution!

Win-win partnerships with our clients

ArcelorMittal has dedicated support engineers and research experts ready to help finding the right, tailor-made steel solution for you. We don't only deliver steel. We have years of experience in successful co-development with many satisfied customers. Let our people support you!

A breakthrough on the market

ArcelorMittal was the first steelmaker to develop a lightweight gas cylinder, together with Liotard for Primagaz. This breakthrough development received the Swedish Steel Prize.