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  • Lighter and stronger

New innovative steels for mechanical equipments

ArcelorMittal launches Amstrong® Ultra and Relia®

ArcelorMittal Europe launches Amstrong® Ultra and Relia®, new ranges of ultra-high strength steels and wear-resistant steels, designed to optimize weight and operational costs of mechanical equipments.

Amstrong® Ultra is a new range of high strength steels for structural parts in transport, yellow and green goods, lifting and mechanical engineering industries. Amstrong® Ultra enables manufacturers reducing steel thickness and weight in mobile equipment. 

Relia® is the ArcelorMittal’s range of high hardness, low-alloyed martensitic steels, offering outstanding resistance to abrasion – typically three to six times higher than classical construction steels in the 355 MPa range, while offering a significant weight reduction. Principal applications areas include construction and earthmoving, mining and mineral processing, demolition, waste and recycling.

Yves Boudart, sales director of Industeel, explains “Weight savings and longer lasting components are essential to modern mechanical engineering industries to improve performance and reduce operation costs. Amstrong® Ultra and Relia® offer the full package solution that is expected from our customers, no matter how the product was produced as a hot-rolled strip or a quarto plate”.

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